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Sounds from King Con

  1. King Con promo 324 kb
  2. Gabrielle- Well enough to know what you're thinking most of the time. Like right now you're thinking, she thinks she knows me huh? We'll see about that. Xena: Easy guess. 421 kb
  3. Gabrielle- Now you're thinking, Oh wait, I haven't thought of anything yet, right? 198 kb
  4. Gabrielle- You wouldn't dare. Not to an injured woman. 162 kb
  5. Gabrielle- What are you going to do, bleed on them? 79 kb
  6. Gabrielle- Joxer, lay still or I'll restrain you. 149 kb
  7. Gabrielle- We just had Leo, why didn't we keep him? 120 kb
  8. Joxer- Thank you. Sucker. 178 kb
  9. Rafe- Here's what we'll do. I'll borrow 50 dinars from you. But I'll only keep 25. I'll use the other 25 to pay you back. That way we're even. And I give you 25, you give me the nugget. Eldon: But that shorts me 25 dinars. No. 'cuz you'll give me the other 25 from the 25 that I gave you. Then, I give you the nugget, you give me the 50 dinars that it's worth. And we're all square, right? 1,232 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version.)
  10. Rafe- What do you say? Xena: Or else? You're welcome. 273 kb
  11. Xena- Battle cry. 266 kb
  12. Xena- I'll take a piece of that action. 64 kb
  13. Xena- Where'd you get that sword? Rafe: Oh, actually they say I take after my father in that respect. The sword on the table. Rafe: Oh, that sword. 396 kb
  14. Xena- Either you start filling in some holes, or I start making them. 151 kb
  15. Xena- I hear they cut out your tongue, brand your arm, and jail you for life. What do you think? 186 kb
  16. Xena- I have many skills, most of which I use against people like you. 187 kb
  17. Xena- Let's roll. 50 kb
  18. Xena- Mama needs a new pair of sandles. 81 kb
  19. Xena- When you're hot, you're hot. 58 kb
  20. Xena- The woman who's going to own this place and everything in it. Those paintings, that statue, oh, even this pretty little trinket. 445 kb
  21. Xena- No, killing is too good for scum like you. 130 kb
  22. Xena- I am going to take your down piece by piece until there's nothing left. Not your club, your money, your price, not even your stinking ruby. I'm gonna take it all, and I'm gonna love every minute of it. 519 kb
  23. Xena- You better run you dirty thief. 94 kb
  24. Xena- Leo: For you. I don't happen to own a pair of those. Then lower your sights. 261 kb
  25. Xena- Now go, and don't stop for anything or anybody. 140 kb
  26. Xena- And I'm the ticket taker. 92 kb
  27. Xena- You want a game, you got it. 88 kb
  28. Xena- Read 'em, and weep. 163 kb

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