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Sounds from Keys to the Kingdom

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  1. Keys to the Kingdom Promo 655 kb
  2. Autolycus- This gets harder every year. 48 kb
  3. Autolycus- C'mon Xena, it's just a lousy little ruby. It's not even worth talking about. They won't even know that it's gone. The ruby, it's gone! Alright. The ruby, it's back! I gave it back. You happy now? Meg: What are you crazy or something? That thing was worth a fortune! 527 kb
  4. Autolycus- Well, Xena is this warrior, she goes around righting wrongs and saving people, it's all pretty sappy but she seems to get kicks out of it. 179 kb
  5. Meg- This is a good day to die. 48 kb
  6. Meg- Be not afraid. I'll not hurt you. Take me to your leader, we've got some things to discuss. 177 kb
  7. Meg- Meg tickling the baby 215 kb
  8. Meg- Mr. Stinky I presume? Autolycus: That's right Meg, it's me, Mr. Stinky 176 kb
  9. Meg- I got a shamrock and I know how to use it. 68 kb
  10. Meg- Are you stupid? 36 kb
  11. Xena- Makes you want to cry like a baby. 117 kb

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