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Sounds from Ides of March

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Cast of characters:  Xena, Gabrielle, Amorese, Callisto, Eli, Brutus and Caesar.  I was really psyched for this episode and was extremely disappointed.   However, we found out several things in this episode...We now know for sure that Caesar is dead; We know that Eli has found that in order to heal you must have perfect love through stillness and emptiness. (Isn't that what Gabrielle was learning from Aiden way back in Paradise Found?); We know that Callisto is now in Hell and she agrees to be a disciple (He obviously must be the ultimate evil - did you see what he did to Callisto's hair?); We know that Gabrielle must have been taking sword fighting lessons between her meditations. (Amazingly she never used a sword effectively before, and now she can kill an entire squad of Roman soldiers?); And we also know that Callisto's IQ must have dropped severely since she told Xena everything about Lucifer's plan for Caesar, and gave Xena information that allowed her to convince Brutus of the truth about Caesar's megalomania. (So now Callisto has Lucifer angry with her too I'm sure).  And to top it all off, Gabrielle after a few months of incessant preaching peace and throwing away her prized Amazon staff, forsakes her "Way of Peace" for the "Way of Friendship" (does Eli know this "Way"?), and it looks like both Xena and Gabrielle both make it into Heaven.  End of story?...I doubt it very much since there is going to be a next season.  So this upcoming show "Deja Vu All Over Again" which concludes the fourth season is about their spirits in the present day? (Sounds like a Hercules episode doesn't it?).  Wow...   Well, definitely too much from me, I hope you enjoy this episode.  As always, please let me know what ya think. -

  1. Intro: THE RESURRECTION OF XENA'S GREATEST TORMENT...Callisto: Brings back memories doesn't it Xena?...CALLISTO RETURNS...Callisto: It's through me you finally fulfill your destiny...TO ENSURE THE CROWNING OF AN EMPEROR...Caesar: True patriots of Rome.  Brutus: He thinks he's a god...AND TO SEAL THE FATE OF THE WARRIOR PRINCESS...Callisto: She will come to you.  Xena: I'm going to kill him...AN ALL NEW XENA...COMING UP NEXT.  630kb wav or 286kb mp3
  2. Callisto in Hell3,653kb wav or 1,835kb mp3
  3. This is really Hell- I'm doomed to be obsessed for eternity with a woman who despises me...What a nightmare!!  115kb wav or 56kb mp3
  4. Hell- Most likely she'll be born higher up the Karmic ladder.   Callisto- Oh, right!  She cooks my family, destroys my life and I end up in Hell while she gets another shot...that's fair.  Hell- Gotta love the irony.  295kb wav or 150kb mp3
  5. Amorese- Let me guess...this Eli guy, he's the one who taught you all this "love your enemy" stuff?  Xena- That's right.   Amorese- Why do we have to go see a preacher when there's battles to fight and butts to kick?  Xena- "Cause whatever Gabrielle wants...Gabrielle gets.  287kb wav or 149kb mp3
  6. Amorese- Was I in this vision?  Xena- No.  Amorese- Then I should go with you.  Xena- Amorese, you stay here with Gabrielle.  Amorese- As her bodyguard?  Xena- As her could learn something if you'd listen to her once in a while.  358kb wav or 184kb mp3
  7. Amorese- If you can love your way out of this my guest.  59kb wav or 29kb mp3
  8. Brutus- No!  Don't harm Gabrielle!  Gabrielle- Of course not, I'm still useful to you Brutus.  Brutus- Get up!   Gabrielle- Not until you pardon her for what she just did.   Brutus- She attacked one of my men.  Gabrielle- And I remember when mercy was shown to you!  366kb wav or 178kb mp3
  9. Brutus- Chain here to the Prophet.  Amorese- Oh please can't you just break my legs?  83kb wav or 42kb mp3
  10. Brutus- What happens on the Ides of March?  Caesar- I'm going to make an announcement, announcement that will change history.   How are the troops looking up there?  Brutus- Excellent.   Caesar- Good...because in a few days I want you to take command of one of those legions...the thirteenth if you'd like.. march them into Gall.   Brutus- Why Gall?  Caesar- I can't tell you that right me.  568kb wav or 283kb mp3
  11. Brutus- Rome is under threat...I have conclusive proof that Caesar is responsible.  98kb wav or 50kb mp3
  12. Caesar- I did as you said, so far I've had eight imposters try to claim the reward.  Xena will defeat any mercenary who attacks her.  Callisto- Of course, the reward was just to get her attention.  She will come to need to be ready.  Caesar- Yes, well I've made plans for that of course.  Callisto- Oh really?...well...I suggest that you just have one more card to play.  616kb wav or 304kb mp3
  13. Caesar- Brutus!  Welcome...You deposited our little friend in a safe place I trust?  Brutus- Yes.  Caesar- Perfect.   Brutus- Caesar...they were building crosses when I was there.   Caesar- Of can't have a crucifixion without crosses, Brutus.  Brutus- You're crucifying Gabrielle?  Caesar- All of them.  Brutus- You told me that you she would be safe, you weren't going to use her as a distraction.  Caesar- Well what would distract Xena more then her best friend's execution?  Tomorrow, on the Ides of March...the day I need Xena most distracted.  867kb wav or 438kb mp3
  14. Callisto- That Xena can really mess up a dream, can't she?  Caesar- Who are you?  How do you know about my dreams?  Callisto- I know everything about your life, Caesar.  What it's been and what it can be.   I'm here to help you get everything you've ever desired.  It's through me you finally fulfill your destiny.  I can give you ultimate power and free you from your greatest torment.  Caesar- Xena.  Callisto- Yes...Xena.   I can't tell you how much we have in common that way.  691kb wav or 331kb mp3
  15. Callisto- My that was a shocker now wasn't it Xena?  Don't've already done all the damage you can to me.  Thanks by the way.  Xena- For what?  Callisto- I wanted to cease existing and you did your best to help.  But as you can see, it didn't take.  They wouldn't let me off the hook that easy. Xena- Who's they?  Callisto- I don't know...whoever does the final judging.  They sent me to a place that makes Tuataras look like the Elision Fields.  They call it Hell.  Xena- Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal.  820kb wav or 406kb mp3
  16. Callisto- The one who runs things down where I come from...he's very interested in what happens in this life.  He figures Caesar will be very valuable to him...of course he also figures that you might be an obstacle.  Xena- Then he figures right...and I won't be the only one.  Plenty of people will oppose Caesar becoming Emperor.  Callisto- Oh you know about the Emperor thing?  Xena- The laurel wreath kinda gave it away.   I'm guessing that he'll announce it when the Senate reconvenes on the Ides of March.  Callisto- My aren't you the clever girl.  692kb wav or 355kb mp3
  17. Callisto- My aren't you the clever girl.  51kb wav or 26kb mp3
  18. Callisto- Yes, some people will be unhappy, but everybody has their price...even the honorable Brutus.  Caesar's going to give him Gall, and that should keep him smiling.  But it's you my's you that I'm worried about.   I'm here to make you an offer.  Xena- Forget it.  Callisto- Afraid you'll be tempted?  Xena- Yeah, that's right.  Callisto- I'll give ya a little hint.  Gabrielle is in Roman hands as we speak.  Xena- You lie.  Callisto- Do I?  My Lord gave me a thorough briefing on what has happened to you and Gabrielle since the last time we met.  I know everything about India and Eli. you're not the only clever girl are you now Xena?  Gabrielle is on her way to a Roman prison in the Apennines as we speak.   So...about my offer?  Xena- Get lost.  Callisto- Oh, but I'm not going anywhere, Xena.  1,164kb wav or 593kb mp3
  19. Callisto- So you're not the only clever girl are you now, Xena?   51kb wav or 27kb mp3
  20. Callisto- My Lord sees everything, Xena...and you don't have to go through with this.  I can arrange it so that you and Gabrielle and all her   peaceful little friends to just walk out of here and no one gets hurt...and you an Gabrielle can live happily ever after.  Xena- What's the catch?   Callisto- Well there is one little have to drop your sword and join Gabrielle in fulfilling a life of love and kindness.  Xena- I'm still not interested.  Callisto- That's because you haven't heard it all yet.  I'm offering you complete serenity.  Xena- Go on...  Callisto- There's a reason you can't allow you and your partner's your motivates everything you torments you.  Invite me into your soul and I can purge you of that guilt...I can cleanse you of that shame...that drives you...I can give you peace if you let me.  What's it gonna be, Xena?  Serenity and happiness or another ride in that wagon with your friend Gabrielle?  Think of your vision. Xena- You're trying to tempt me from my "Way" by offering me peace.  Callisto- In a nutshell.  Xena- That guilt you're depending on...I put it all behind me.  Ya see I know now what I have to do...I have to be the best warrior I can be.  To redeem myself I have to fight evil with a sword...and that's what I'm gonna matter what the consequences.  1,995kb wav or 951kb mp3
  21. Callisto- Alright let's keep it simple...I keep the vision from coming true and you leave Caesar alone.  118kb wav or 58kb mp3
  22. Eli- Gabrielle...  Gabrielle- Eli...  Eli- I'm so happy to see you.  Gabrielle- I heard you were teaching in Greece...I set out to find you.  Eli- Where's Xena?  Gabrielle- some work to do.  This is my friend, Amorese.  Eli- Hello Amorese.  Amorese- If somebody threatened your mother, would you fight to defend her?  Gabrielle- Amorese and I have some philosophical differences.  Eli- I see.  714kb wav or 326kb mp3
  23. Eli- Nice move.  Amorese- Yeah, if I had a little backup maybe I could've pulled it off.  71kb wav or 37kb mp3
  24. Gabrielle- Six million dinars?  Amorese- That's quite a temptation.  Not from me...from every killer in Europe.  Xena- So it's come to this...Caesar wants me out of the way so bad, that he's willing to deplete his fortune to do it.  i think it's time that i put an end to this feud between Caesar and me.  Amorese- You're not going to try to make peace with that slime are you?  Xena- No...I'm going to kill him.  626kb wav or 304kb mp3
  25. Gabrielle- Xena!  Xena you can't just walk into Rome and kill Caesar.  Amorese- It's an opportunity to kill alot of Romans, I say we do it.  177kb wav or 90kb mp3
  26. Gabrielle- Can you teach me to heal?  Eli- All I can do is try to teach you how to love.  But if you can love with all your heart and soul...if you become love itself...then you can heal.  Gabrielle- Why is love the key?  Eli- Selfless pure love is the only expression of divine perfection we have in this world.  It's the greatest power one can possess.   Amorese- Oh c'mon...the only real power is at the end of a sword.  742kb wav or 344kb mp3
  27. Gabrielle- Brutus...  Brutus- Hello Gabrielle.  Gabrielle- You doing Caesar's bidding again?   Brutus- Caesar believes Xena is trying to kill him, he has to try to protect himself.  Gabrielle- With me?  I understand...let these people go.  Brutus- My orders are to arrest you, Eli and his followers.  You'll be taken as hostages against Xena killing Caesar.  Caesar's promised me no one will be hurt.  Gabrielle- And you believe him?  Brutus- Our friends are at war...I'm sorry this brings us into conflict Gabrielle, but it's inevitable. Gabrielle- Of course it is.  811kb wav or 376kb mp3
  28. Gabrielle- You don't really think those crosses are for a boat load of pirates do you?  Brutus- He wouldn't lie to me.  Gabrielle- There's a first time for everything.  172kb wav or 85kb mp3
  29. Gabrielle- I did it.  Amorese- Did what?   You two are sitting there like a couple of bumps on a log, what could you have done?  Eli-  She did nothing.  Gabrielle- That's right I did nothing.  Amorese- We're going to be nailed to crosses tomorrow morning, and you two are bragging about doing nothing?  Eli- You don't understand, Amorese, in order to become a perfect vessel for love, one has to cease all activity physical and mental as well.  So only when you've reach that state of emptiness, that you're ready at last to be filled with love.  Amorese- Just in time'll be able to love the people who crucify us. 1,053kb wav or 535kb mp3
  30. Gabrielle- I did nothing.  16kb wav or 10kb mp3 
  31. Xena- I had a vision once that Gabrielle and I would die at the hands of Romans.  It's bad enough that we could run into Romans anywhere, but if you and I were to Rome...  Gabrielle- Okay...but what if I were to ask you not to do this?  Xena- Gabrielle...he's an evil man and he's trying to kill me.  I have to take him out or die's the "Way of the Warrior".  449kb wav or 232kb mp3
  32. Xena- At ease...  51kb wav or 26kb mp3
  33. Xena- Let's make this short and sweet.  Callisto- Brings back, Xena?  284kb wav or 140kb mp3
  34. Xena- I have a deal for tell me where my friend Gabrielle is and I'll give you some information that will save your stinkin life.  161kb wav or 73kb mp3
  35. Xena- Beware the Ides of March, Brutus.  Brutus- Why the Ides of March?  Xena- Because on that day, Caesar will declare himself Emperor.  Brutus- I don't believe you.   Why would he do that?  Xena- Greed...lust for ego the size of the Aegean.  Of course he plans to rid himself of anyone who would stand in his way.  Brutus- What are you saying?  Xena- He's too smart to kill you in Rome, you've much too much support there.  But I have first hand knowledge that he's been talking to assassins in Gall.  So...your turn.  744kb wav or 330kb mp3
  36. Xena- Gabrielle saved you life once...give me a chance to save hers.   Brutus- I've put her in a prison compound at the foot of Mt. Amoro.  I don't believe what you've said about Caesar.  Xena- It's your funeral.  Brutus...was it snowing on Mt. Amoro?  Brutus- Yes it was snowing when I left.  652kb wav or 295kb mp3
  37. Xena- C'mon Eli...get up!  39kb wav or 20kb mp3
    This is the entire ending sequence in the order it occurs.  I thought the ending was done so well that breaking it up would diminish it.
  38. End Sequence Part 1:  They're trying to escape...GET THEM!...   2,414kb wav or 1,153kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  39. End Sequence Part 2:  ...LET'S GO!...  2,441kb wav or 1,211kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  40. End Sequence Part 3:  ...I made you leave the "Way of Love"...  1,305kb wav or 658kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  41. End Sequence Part 4:  ...It's time!...  7,799kb wav or 3,930kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file

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