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Sounds from High Tide

Sounds from Shanghaied

  1. LucyCop- A blonde, huh? What's the matter, don't you like brunettes? 177 kb
  2. LucyCop- I'm looking for this blonde, I think you've seen her? Sure I've seen her! Hell, I've been her! 327 kb
  3. LucyCop- I don't get it Not for free you don't. 155 kb
  4. LucyCop- Whatever turns you on. 76 kb
  5. LucyCop- OK, how much? Oh, that's just enough. 151 kb
  6. LucyCop- Stand up! What's going on around here? You're under arrest. Arrest? For what? Soliciting... 426 kb
  7. LucyCop- You have the right to remain silent... anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. 262 kb

Sounds from Dead in the Water

  1. Sharon- Thanks. Nice hat. Not much good if it doesn't stay on... 210 kb
  2. Sharon- You want to keep it? 84 kb
  3. Sharon- Are you trying to hit on me? Maybe. That's nice. My lunch breaks were getting a bit routine. 470 kb
  4. Sharon- That's another thing I like about you. Your lunch. My lunch? Great looking sandwich. You want me for my sandwich? Well, no, no, don't get me wrong. It's not just the sandwich. It's the hat, and the eyes. And the eyes? Great eyes. As great as my sandwich? 868 kb
  5. Sharon- Take the sandwich. I can't bare to see you so torn. No, you see it's the wanting not the having that's the thing. Oh, you're that kind of guy? What kind of guy is that kind of guy? The kind of guy that loves the thrill of the chase. 734 kb
  6. Sharon- You want to go for a stroll? With you? Don't worry, where I go my sandwich goes too. 227 kb
  7. Sharon- So do you make a habit of eating stranger's food? 121 kb
  8. Sharon- I'm a little impusive sometimes. How about you? There's a wild side I guess, but it's been under wraps of late. Why's that? O just filed for divorce... 485 kb
  9. Sharon- I only seem to find the wrong sort of men attractive. 184 kb
  10. Sharon- What makes you think we're incompatible? Well you're getting on a plane and leaving me in two hours for starters. Haven't you ever heard of living in the moment? The next 120 moments maybe? Worth a shot... 723 kb
  11. Sharon- So, I have an awkward question. Some religious thing? Your name Oh, that. Wouldn't it be more interesting if we kept it anonymous? No. Spoilsport. 634 kb
  12. Sharon- You like chess? You like to lose? 148 kb
  13. Sharon- Come on, it's just a game. 88 kb
  14. Sharon- No pressure. 56 kb
  15. Sharon- You took your hand off! Pay attention, I did not take my hand off. Put it back! No! 354 kb
  16. Sharon- Oh, so this is your idea of goodbye? 104 kb
  17. Sharon- I thought you might like an apology with your ride out to the airport. No hard feelings? 294 kb
  18. Sharon- 'Cept I have a problem with the ride, my brother- Don't tell me, he's lost and you're worried sick because it's not at all like him. No, it's exactly like him... 396 kb
  19. Sharon- Well, I can give you a lift to the marina on my way to work.... if you like... 184 kb
  20. Sharon- Oh, no, maybe you were right. 61 kb
  21. Sharon- What's this? A chink in the Sharon List armor? More like a blowtorch hole... 208 kb
  22. Sharon- Maybe they just lost track of time... 101 kb
  23. Sharon- I'd prefer to repeat one of the more romantic scenes... 135 kb
  24. Sharon- I don't know, I got a feeling I haven't seen the last of you... 174 kb
  25. Sharon- Do you believe in fate? I want to. 132 kb
  26. Sharon- Excuse me, do you know where you're going? You mean like in life? 203 kb
  27. Sharon- You just keep turning up like a bad penny, don't you? 127 kb
  28. Sharon- Meter's running, get in! 82 kb
  29. Sharon- You know when you said you had to fly? I know, you thought I was a stewardess. Well, you are a woman. I'll take that as a compliment. 395 kb
  30. Sharon- Hey, please don't touch anything! 124 kb
  31. Sharon- Are you nuts? 70 kb
  32. Sharon- You be careful. 46 kb
  33. Sharon- Oh, are we dating? Dating in the cosmic sense Right, like on another planet... 297 kb
  34. Sharon- So this is goodbye. 54 kb
  35. Sharon- So where does that leave us? 72 kb
  36. Sharon- I'll see you in orbit, right? 115 kb

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