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Sounds from Forget Me Not

  1. Forget Me Not promo323 kb
  2. Ares- Bad thoughts keeping you up night? 90 kb
  3. Ares- Call me a big softy but, I decided I like you after all. 215 kb
  4. Ares- Just remember, I did warn you. 128 kb
  5. Ares- Pain's just nature's way of saying, "Hey, you're alive!." 152 kb
  6. Ares- Is the quest for knowledge worth all this pain? Gabrielle: Yes, it has to be. Otherwise what's the point for living? 317 kb
  7. Ares- There is no point to living. Don't you get it Gabrielle? Maybe that's the source for all your pain. All you've been through with Xena, all she's put you through, maybe you finally realized that it all adds up to a big, fat, zero. 562 kb
  8. Ares- Well, there she goes without you. Kinda makes you feel second best doesn't it? 368 kb
  9. Ares- Yep, Mama must be important alright, Xena would never do anything like this for you. 235 kb
  10. Ares- Funny isn't it? You give up your family, your home, your blood innocence, your daughter, all because of Xena. And yet, it's like nothing compared to the debt she owes this woman. 575 kb
  11. Gabrielle- It's my memories. I can't shake them, I can't sleep, I can't eat, it's like I'm paying for something but I don't know what it is. 407 kb
  12. Gabrielle- Can you help me? 57 kb
  13. Gabrielle- You could open a pottery shop. 81 kb
  14. Gabrielle- It's very strange. In every story you tell me this thing I wear get smaller and smaller. Is it enchanted? 320 kb
  15. Gabrielle- I'm looking forward to meeting Xena. You think she'll like me? 164 kb
  16. Gabrielle- Are you going to sing the Joxer the Mighty song again? I liked that song. Joxer: Are you kidding me, you hated it. I do? Joxer: No, uh, you love it. 407 kb
  17. Gabrielle- I'm asking. Ares: To prevent a murder, for the sake of friendship. Yeah, for friendship. 495 kb
  18. Gabrielle- I wanted to betray her. I gave her everything and it meant nothing to her. I hated her for loving someone else. I wanted her to hurt, I wanted her to be punished. And I almost got her killed. Why, my hatred and jealousy almost destroyed my best friend. 1,226 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version and 56.6 RealAudio version)
  19. Gabrielle- If the bowl is ever emptied, so go my memories. Ares: And the pain, all that pain. And memories of my youth, my parents, my loves. Ares: The betrayal, the killing, the death of your child. And Xena. Ares: Bottom line Gabrielle, you won't miss what you never knew. 1,259 kb ( 28.8 RealAudio version and 56.6 RealAudio version)
  20. Gabrielle- By the gods, I am so incredibly in love with you. 167 kb
  21. Gabrielle- Take me Joxer, now. Like the time, just before you saved Ulysses. 332 kb
  22. Gabrielle- I have never, nor will I ever, dance in the nude in the rain with you anywhere near me. 498 kb
  23. Gabrielle- If I didn't have the painful memories I wouldn't know what the good ones are like right. I just couldn't let it go Xena, no matter what the pain. I'm sorry. Xena: No, no it's over. Welcome home. 766 kb
  24. Priestess- Your memories are like a body of water. Some flow deep, out of your reach, others flow easily on the surface. 363 kb
  25. Priestess- Your memory has three rivers. To find the answer to your pain, you must cross them all. 246 kb
  26. Priestess- Chanting 975 kb
  27. Priestess- Nothing seems familiar. I fact, I don't know what familiar feels like. 199 kb
  28. Joxer- I got news for ya. I'll be back. 171 kb
  29. Joxer- You're both on my list. 110 kb
  30. Joxer- Ha! Now I will destroy you with the ultimate power. 454 kb
  31. Joxer- I'm getting her out of here. Don't try to stop me. 181 kb
  32. Joxer- I'm a very forgetable person. 84 kb
  33. Joxer- This, is your staff. 111 kb
  34. Joxer- These are your scrolls, you wrote them. 124 kb
  35. Joxer- High Priestess was right. Gate's open, but no one's storming the castle. 166 kb
  36. Joxer- Now, I am going to teach you about yourself. I'm going to give you your memories back. But, just the good ones, none of the painful ones. That's what you wanted isn't it? 777 kb
  37. Joxer- It was a warm day in Poteidaia when the bard awoke. As she moved softly through the... Gabrielle: Excuse me, what's a Poteidaia? 440 kb
  38. Joxer- It's Joxer, not Jerkster, Joxer. 178 kb
  39. Joxer- Suddenly, there he was. He called himself Joxer, a warrior. Huh, well termed phrase i must say. But a warrior like no other. So inept, so clumsy, so... so cleverly disguised as a bumbler, that no one suspected his true warrior nature. 1,020 kb
  40. Joxer- Then I realized, that's you talking, Then I realized that I was completely taken by this handsome, mysterious, dark leader of men. Gabrielle: I'm in love with you? Yes, yes you are. 645 kb
  41. Joxer- A lie is me thinking I could give you back all your happy memories. I'm just not a part of those and I wanted to be. 498 kb
  42. Joxer- Hey, aren't you forgetting about me? Xena: No, Joxer, not even Mnemosyne can help her with that. 321 kb
  43. Xena- I knew this was one journey you had to make without me. I'm just glad you made it back. 324 kb

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