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Sounds from Fins, Femmes, and Gems

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  1. Fins, Femmes, and Gems promo 325 kb
  2. Aphrodite- Need it, got it, hate it, can always hock it. 80 kb
  3. Aphrodite- This little baby is destined to become the center of my constellation. 53 kb
  4. Aphrodite- You don't have to thrust. Besides, my guy in Parnassus has better equipment. And he knows the right time to shoot. 80 kb
  5. Aphrodite- Nice. Double dose for you Warrior babe. 47 kb
  6. Aphrodite- Big mistake. You're never getting that smell off of your hands now. 47 kb
  7. Gabrielle- That's not humanly possible. Xena: Sure it it. 77 kb
  8. Gabrielle- Don't you think its beautiful? The way it dips and curves. 42 kb
  9. Gabrielle- Parchment? Uh no, no. The cloud behind it. Don't you think it looks like my nose? You know the way it dips down and has that cute little curve to the side? 107 kb
  10. Gabrielle- Very funny. Fortunately I have a brilliant sense of humor. 48 kb
  11. Gabrielle- Xena, if you think I'm gonna waste my time jumping up and down for flying parchment. 55 kb
  12. Gabrielle- You want me to catch your little silly clip do ya? Fine, I'll show you height. 90 kb
  13. Gabrielle- Xena, he's acting very strange. I don't think we should be seen in public with him. 54 kb
  14. Gabrielle- That's redicules. Xena, my opinion of myself has not changed one iota since... Oh yeah, looking good. 135 kb
  15. Gabrielle- It just doesn't have a point of view. You know, it needs more verve, more character, more me. It doesn't sing to me like this. 105 kb
  16. Gabrielle- A scroll should be sung, not told. 28 kb
  17. Gabrielle- Well, listen to my story of Gabrielle. Cute little gal that's looking really swell. Perfect hair, such a lovely lass. Nice round breasts and a firm young... Xena: Are you out of your mind? 183 kb
  18. Gabrielle- Are you worried we're gonna get there and the fish will be gone? Xena: I'm worried we gonna get there and the fish will be armed. 68 kb
  19. Gabrielle- I am the ultimate fantasy. 21 kb
  20. Gabrielle- No, I'm sorry Joxer. If I take off my cloth, I could kill you. Beauty can do that. 79 kb
  21. Gabrielle- Well, you're gonna have to show me from here. This little minx is staying on dry land. 51 kb
  22. Gabrielle- You have a fish wrapped around your finger. 32 kb
  23. Gabrielle- Why would I want to do that. Xena: Because its fun. Right. 126 kb
  24. Gabrielle- She wants me to fist a fish? I can barely say it, much less do it. 60 kb
  25. Gabrielle- Xena you just don't realize how primitive you really are. 42 kb
  26. Gabrielle- She just doesn't appreciate the truely great work of art that I am. 50 kb
  27. Gabrielle- Not the lips. Please, they chap so easily. 82 kb
  28. Gabrielle- It was like my reflection embraced me. I sink into it, I was surrounded by it. And then you pulled me up and I looked into your eyes and Xena, I finally realized, there can only be one person for me in my life, me. 235 kb
  29. Gabrielle- Oh my, where's my brush. 39 kb
  30. Gabrielle- You mighty man monkey. She monkey need you. 83 kb
  31. Gabrielle- I'll just use my superior intelligence and overall good judgement in all situations to handle this. 93 kb
  32. Gabrielle- I have something really important to speak to you about. Do these boots work with this skirt? 65 kb
  33. Gabrielle- You cut my hair? My little golden fleece? 63 kb
  34. Gabrielle- Well that's fine. Except for one thing. You're not sacrificing my hair for a fish. 71 kb
  35. Gabrielle- So what do you want to do? Track these guys down? Xena: Before we catch Solaris? Are you out of your mind? 61 kb
  36. Gabrielle- All this time Xena, I have tried to let it go, you know, and it hasn't been easy. I had tried to be humble with you, but you pushed me too far. I haven't seen this diamond. Yes, you said it was stolen, and I took your word for it. But you took me here. Where no one can appreciate my radiance. No one. No competition for you. 314 kb
  37. Gabrielle- Isn't there anyone here who can appreciate my specialness. 42 kb
  38. Gabrielle- A garment of this quality can only adorn a perfect body. 32 kb
  39. Gabrielle- She's come for me. I knew she would. She can't live without me for a minute. Not that I blame her. 97 kb
  40. Gabrielle- You saved me. Xena, the world will thank you for rescuing such an unrivaled beauty. Your name will be legendary. 81 kb
  41. Gabrielle- Yodel 35 kb
  42. Gabrielle- Do you think I'm not used to men chasing me? Same 'ol story. Can't believe I'm beginning to chafe. 105 kb
  43. Joxer- I Attus, king of trout, and ruler of its people. I set you free... You tell good joke trout brother. Now, I must have tribute. Go, swim, be free. Go. Go. 230 kb
  44. Joxer- I Attus. Attus appreciate. Don't speak. Attus take you as bride. 215 kb
  45. Joxer- Attus pleasure you with much furious zug zug first. 31 kb
  46. Joxer- It's soft. Like baby monkey. 37 kb
  47. Joxer- Great white monkey Xena, come for princess Gaia. 56 kb
  48. Joxer- Animals of the jungle. Listen to me. Billy goats, form running position. Elephant, suck water from great river, for moat. Great eagle. Come down and collect me so that I may swoop down upon her... Come down and collect me so that I may swoop down upon her. 269 kb
  49. Joxer- Bird brother. Go. Fly. Tell your people of Attus the Ape man. Bring tribute. Go. Fly. 111 kb
  50. Maecenus- Tie your gem on my arrow, so my shaft can bring you satisfaction. 74 kb
  51. Xena- The North star is on the verge of extinction. The fate of the whole world lies in our hands. We've got no choice. We're going fishing. 113 kb
  52. Xena- Oh, excuse me, I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. 72 kb
  53. Xena- Well yeah, you know, about your little problem, your height. 40 kb
  54. Xena- You know, you got the obsession thing too. 30 kb
  55. Xena- Your opinion of yourself is flying higher than my parchment. 36 kb
  56. Xena- I haven't been affect by this spell so I can still take care of business. So lets fish. 56 kb
  57. Xena- Bring some of whatever it is you're eating. Might be good bait. 45 kb
  58. Xena- This is the ultimate fantasy. 27 kb
  59. Xena- I'm just gonna alter the landscape a little. 22 kb
  60. Xena- And now its time for a little fun. 24 kb
  61. Xena- This is gonna be the best thing of your young lives. 31 kb
  62. Xena- C'mon Gabrielle, lets get wet. 23 kb
  63. Xena- C'mon Gabrielle, get your gear off. Gabrielle: You'd like that wouldn't you? 61 kb
  64. Xena- Gabrielle, I forgot how much fun this is. C'mon, give it try, its easy. 46 kb
  65. Xena- All you have to do is you, you stick your hand underwater and you feel around until you find a great, big succulent fish, and then you do this. You wiggle your finger so it looks like bait, and then Wham-o! Gabrielle: You punch it in the face. 135 kb
  66. Xena- Well don't knock it 'til you tried it. 31 kb
  67. Xena- (Music) Gotcha gotcha now I'm gonna eat ya. 84 kb
  68. Xena- I'm gonna go gut these. 16 kb
  69. Xena- Now you listen to me Monkey man. You ever do that again and you'll find my fist down your throat. 67 kb
  70. Xena- A regular fishing pole won't cut it. No, we gotta reduce line drag that's why when we attack, we do it from the air. 70 kb
  71. Xena- No one catches Solaris but me. 43 kb
  72. Xena- Gabrielle, higher please. For crying out loud. 48 kb
  73. Xena- Finally some peace and quiet. 66 kb
  74. Xena- Monkey man you bring her back. 24 kb
  75. Xena- Fish don't just catch themselves. 45 kb
  76. Xena- Its perfect just like you. 23 kb
  77. Xena- You're beautiful when you're angry. 28 kb
  78. Xena- You want the princess right? Joxer: Attus want. You need the princess right? Joxer: Attus need. Well, here's what you do. 98 kb
  79. Xena- Just think Gabrielle. Everytime people look up at the night sky and see that perfect star, they'll think of you. It'll be a symbol of your beauty for all time. 143 kb
  80. Xena- The only reason I do any good at all in this world is because I do it with you. 48 kb

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