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Sounds from Endgame

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Cast of characters:  Xena, Gabrielle, Amorese, Carmanus, Pompey, Shelloppa, Brutus and Caesar.  This episode sets up this seasons cliffhanger, "Ides of March".  It introduces us to a new character, Amorese whom I suspect will have a fairly significant role in the upcoming season.  This episode also showed me that when you don't have much of a script and need a show for the season, just put in a lot of dancing, chanting and fighting and all will work out.  I'm sure that "Ides of March" should be a real interesting episode and keep an eye out for Callisto's new hair style......two new hair styles in one season...what's up with that anyway?  Oh, one last thought...wouldn't it be ironic if after all this time it is Gabrielle's Way of Peace that causes her and Xena to be crucified and not the other way around?  Well, enough from me, I hope you enjoy this episode.  As always, please let me know what ya think. -

  1. Intro: GABRIELLE RETURNS TO RULE THE AMAZONS...Gabrielle: This is my tribe...Shelloppa: The queen has returned...A TRIBE CAESAR VOWS TO DESTROY...Caesar: They're a threat...Xena: I will not let the Amazons just die away...NOW XENA MUST LEAD THEM INTO BATTLE...Xena: Caesar wants to obliterate us...Amorese: It's a trick...AGAINST TWO ROMAN ARMIES...AN ALL NEW XENA...COMING UP NEXT.  640kb wav or 290kb mp3
  2. Amorese- Xena...Wow...I thought you'd be taller?  Gabrielle- Who are you?  Amorese- My name is Amorese, I come from the village of you tribe, my Queen.  264kb wav or 136kb mp3
  3. Amorese- You must come with me quickly.  Gabrielle- What happened...why do you keep calling me Queen?  I'm not Queen unless...unless Ephiny were...  Amorese- Ephiny is dead...and we need our Queen to lead us.  393kb wav or 204kb mp3
  4. Amorese- In my tribe we never need to defend we always attacked.   Xena- Well we do things differently here.  113kb wav or 61kb mp3
  5. Amorese- Hey roman...have you ever witnessed an Amazon execution before?  I don't know how they do it here, but in my took a long, long time.  And as the life oozed out of you...we'd talk with you...ask you how it felt.   Brutus- You're such a child...I've seen death that you could   never dream of.  The fact that you would tell me that story either means that you never saw it, or you're a fool.  770kb wav or 432kb mp3
  6. Amorese- Are you really gonna just let her pardon Brutus?  Xena- Well what do ya suggest...that we take over the village, chain up Gabrielle and kill him?   Amorese- Pick one...I'll go with it.  184kb wav or 90kb mp3
  7. Amorese- Nah, sorry - I can't go'll just have to trust her on your own.  57kb wav or 28kb mp3
  8. Amorese- I still think I could have done something to save her.   Xena- You know Amorese that wasn't your fault.  If it wasn't for women like Ephiny, the Amazon nation would have died out long ago.  But you and I and Gabrielle aren't going to let that happen.  392kb wav or 182kb mp3
  9. Amorese- Well, when do we leave?  Xena- I thought you were staying here with the tribe?  Amorese- I gave it a shot...long enough to know it's not my place.  I mean they're all great and everything, but they treat me like a kid.  Gabrielle- You are a kid.  Amorese- Right, and you're a warrior.  Besides, I need to see more of the world.  I was thinking about what you said Xena...about not finding my answers at the end of a sword, and it seems to make sense.  Then I started thinking about old Pompey and I think he found an answer at the end of yours.   Gabrielle- Amorese, did you not find any philosophy behind those words?  Amorese- Yeah, kick butt and take names later.  Xena- It's gonna take some time.  Amorese- So, where are we headed?  Xena- That way.  Amorese- Perfect, exactly where I was thinking we'd go.  Xena- Trouble.   1,220kb wav or 622kb mp3
  10. Battle with Ephiny and the Amazons against the Romans-  3,700kb wav or 1,850kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  11. Xena takes Brutus for a ride1,719kb wav or 886kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  12. Xena takes back the captured Amazons-  2,412kb wav or 1,170kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  13. Amazons led by Xena battle the Romans5,431kb wav or 2,757kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  14. Brutus- Xena doesn't give many second chances little girl.  50kb wav or 26kb mp3
  15. Brutus- (Soldier) We're ready to move the legion into the area near the hill.  Brutus- No...that's Amazon land...we stay out.   144kb wav or 75kb mp3
  16. Brutus- You're plan worked.  Xena- If you want to stay alive don't mention my name to Caesar, the plan was yours.  Brutus- Xena, your vision of Caesar is blinded by hatred.  He is the only hope to restore the democracy of the republic.  Xena- A man like you would do well in his democracy, huh?  Brutus, your faith in Caesar is day your gonna have to decide whether your Caesar's man, or your own.  Brutus- Never.   I know Caesar...he wouldn't betray a friend.  Xena- Pompey was a friend...Crasus, wasn't Crasus a friend too?  I was once a very good friend of his, but maybe your special.  Remember, this was your doing.  980kb wav or 491kb mp3
  17. Caesar- Pompey's changed his hair style...too bad  64kb wav or 32kb mp3
  18. Caesar- There was a rumor that Xena was headed toward the Amazons...any word of that?  Brutus- No, not that I'm aware of. Caesar- Hmm, well...her time will come...thank you're a loyal friend.  590kb wav or 310kb mp3
  19. Carmanus- Xena...I didn't know you were in the area?  Xena- Just passing through.  125kb wav or 62kb mp3
  20. Gabrielle- This is Xena...she's my friend.  Amorese- Xena...Wow...I thought you'd be taller?  151kb wav or 80kb mp3
  21. Gabrielle- Where's Ephiny's body?  Shelloppa- We hid it during the's in the Queen's hut.  95kb wav or 53kb mp3
  22. Gabrielle- Hello Brutus.  Brutus- Gabrielle...they told me you were the new leader of this tribe.  Gabrielle- Thanks to killed Ephiny, are friend.  Brutus- Ephiny...that was her of the best fighter's I've met.  She died as a warrior.  410kb wav or 200kb mp3
  23. Gabrielle- What were you thinking?!  Amorese- Amazon justice for a killer.  I my tribe...  Gabrielle- ...And your tribe doesn't matter here.  This is my tribe...I think you need a few days to think about that.  Take her away.  263kb wav or 138kb mp3
  24. Gabrielle- Leave us.  13kb wav or 8kb mp3
  25. Gabrielle- They want to talk about peace, between Xena and Caesar.   Brutus- Impossible...Can you blame Caesar for hating Xena?   Look at all she's done to him.  Gabrielle- What?  Brutus- Xena interfered in Caesar's war with Pompei.  He would have been out of the picture long ago if it wasn't for her. Gabrielle- Xena was trying to stop a war.  Brutus- And why do you think there was a war?!   Because of Pompei, he opposes everything Caesar wishes for Rome...peace, prosperity, a return to the Republic...  Gabrielle- We really know different Caesars.  Brutus- Caesar doesn't care about the Amazons, what happened was an accident.  If we can make sure it doesn't happen again.   Gabrielle- I can, as Queen of the Amazons, I propose a treaty of Caesar.   1,010kb wav or 469kb mp3
  26. Gabrielle- Shelloppa, you would make a better Queen than I. Shelloppa- You have wisdom that I don't have.  Gabrielle- There's a trick to that.  When you need to make a decision, think of Ephiny do what she would do.  357kb wav or 192kb mp3
  27. Gabrielle- It's so unreal, Xena.  I don't know why I don't just cry.  Xena- Maybe you're trying to hard...or maybe part of you knows that Ephiny didn't die in vain.  She made a difference with her life and in her death she became a symbol.  One way or another the Amazons will go on.  555kb wav or 283kb mp3
  28. Gabrielle- You are a kid.  Amorese- Right, and you're a warrior.  89kb wav or 46kb mp3
  29. Gabrielle- Amorese, did you not find any philosophy behind those words?  Amorese- Yeah, kick butt and take names later.  110kb wav or 57kb mp3
  30. Pompei- Xena...always Xena! 101kb wav or 55kb mp3
  31. Shelloppa- She's here!  Gabrielle- Shelloppa...what happened?  Shelloppa- Ephiny was leading patrol, we ran into some Romans in the highlands. There was a battle and...she was killed.   Gabrielle- Romans?  Xena- Go on.  Shelloppa- We brought Ephiny's body back here to the village where we were hit again.  We managed to throw them back, but they captured most of our sisters.  Gabrielle- Captured?  Amorese- I'm going after them.  Xena- Just calm down.  When you saw the Romans, was Caesar leading them?  Shelloppa- No, but I did see the other one, the one who killed Ephiny up on the highlands.   Gabrielle- What did he look like?  Shelloppa- Young, black hair, wore silver armor.  Xena- That's Brutus...Caesar's right hand.  Amorese- What are we waiting for...why hasn't anyone gone out after them?  Shelloppa- They took rafts down the river.  We couldn't track them.  But we're ready that the Queen has returned!  1,304kb wav or 704kb mp3
  32. Sound of Sword being drawn20kb wav or 12kb mp3  Maybe someone would like this sound for their computer's desktop?
  33. Wardance1,340kb wav or 549kb mp3
  34. Xena- Ya know Gabrielle...there's only one way you could know how fish really feel...and that's to become one with them.  Gabrielle- Don't do it!  Xena- Oh yeah. Gabrielle- Xena, this outfit takes forever to dry.  Xena- Oh well, I've got time.  C'mon fishy, fishy, fishy...  326kb wav or 168kb mp3
  35. Xena- Oh no - I surrender before Gabrielle.  44kb wav or 23kb mp3
  36. Xena- Alright, we need to build a defense for this village.  Amorese- What's left of it.  Xena- Shelloppa, post two guards down by the river.  We need to know if they come back, and I want a squad working in shifts to repair the huts.  Is that correct, Gabrielle?  Gabrielle- Thank you.  386kb wav or 196kb mp3
  37. Xena- Over the last ten years, I've watched the Amazons go from mighty nation to scattered tribes.  And I wondered if what I was seeing was their greatness coming to an end, but Ephiny showed me there was hope.  272kb wav or 137kb mp3
  38. Xena- Ephiny - this will not go unpunished.  I will not let the Amazons just die away, I promise you.  296kb wav or 163kb mp3
  39. Xena- Alright where's Pompey?  Brutus- You're after the slaves...that's why I'm important.  Xena- No, that's why you're alive. 191kb wav or 97kb mp3
  40. Xena- Alright, you know the drill...thirty seconds, you die, no blood to the brain...where is Pompey?  C'mon Brutus, Pompey's no friend of yours, anything I do to him can only make Caesar happy.  417kb wav or 217kb mp3
  41. Xena- Alright, you know the drill...thirty seconds, you die, no blood to the brain  79kb wav or 41kb mp3
  42. Xena- You know, Gabrielle is not the weakling you think she is. She's seen more of life and death than you will ever know.  This is just one more battle and she's got her own way of fighting it.  Amorese- By letting him go, are you crazy?  XenaHer battle isn't with's with this and this...with war and hatred and ya know what sometimes I don't like the way she goes about it, but I've come to understand her.   424kb wav or 200kb mp3
  43. Xena- Amorese, you're so young and when you're young you think that answers are simple to find.  You think you can find them on the point of a sword, well you're wrong.  I just pray that you live long enough to lay down your sword and look for those answers yourself.  298kb wav or 140kb mp3
  44. Xena- You give up now...and I'll go easy on ya.  62kb wav or 30kb mp3
  45. Xena- Pompei hits us from the north and Caesar hits us from the south.  In getting to Pompey, Caesar wants to obliterate us.  363kb wav or 202kb mp3
  46. Xena- Brutus, if I hand you over to Pompey he's going to kill you.   Brutus- I'm willing to take that chance.  I don;t think you have much choice.  Xena- That's where you're wrong.   I've do have choices...I've had choices since we first captured you.  No, I think I'd rather give you back to Caesar.  425kb wav or 216kb mp3
  47. Xena- Cut down the Romans and take them to the rear.  Amorese- What about our defense?  Xena- If my plan works we won't need them...And besides, we don't kill just for the sake of it.  285kb wav or 131kb mp3
  48. Funeral1,572kb wav or 854kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  49. End Song1,563kb wav or 845kb mp3 ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file

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