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Sounds from Deja Vu All Over Again

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Cast of characters:  Now this is an interesting question...except for the flashback sequences, I list the cast as follows:  Annie (aka - Lucy Lawless, aka - Joxer), Mattie (aka - Renee O'Connor, aka - Gabrielle), Harry (aka - Ted Raimi, aka - Xena), and Marco who is Ares in disguise (aka Robert Trebor & Kevin Smith).   Whew!  This is the first show that they do not show Lucy Lawless below the waist.  I guess she must be showing already, and I wish her and Rob Tapert all the best.  Thus we now conclude season four, it has been real interesting for me as sounds editor coming in half way through this season.  I hope you all have enjoyed the sounds I've posted and I look forward to continuing into next season.  I will over the summer get to the episodes missing from the past three seasons to make the sounds section complete.  Oh, and one last thing, I have decided to post the sound clips in the order in which they occurred during the show and put the one liners at the very end.   Please let me know if you like this presentation better than the other way.   Enough from me...I hope you enjoy this episode.  As always, please let me know what ya think. -

  1. Intro: DO YOU BELIEVE...Mattie: Say it...IN REINCARNATION?...XENA'S SPIRIT LIVES IN OUR WORLD...Mattie: I'm going to get you a sedative...A PARANORMAL ENCOUNTER...Mattie: I'm going to come back as a worm...OR A SUPERNATURAL SCAM...Marco: Let's just say I'm settling an old score...Annie: I'm gonna get us out of this mess...THE GOD OF WAR CALLS IT KARMIC CHAOS...Ares: Are we gonna fight again?  Harry: Bring it on...A NEW ADVENTURE...Ares: Ok, no! Time! That's it I'm done!...OF XENA...COMING UP NEXT.  636kb wav or 305kb mp3
  2. Annie- Harry!  Wake up!  Harry!  I just had a vision.   An awakening.  Self revelation.  Harry- Don't forget about the pint of Hagen Daas and the bean burrito, those'll give you nightmares.   Annie- This was not a nightmare, Harry.  It was an epiphany.  522kb wav or 232kb mp3
  3. Annie- I was really there.  Harry- Where?   Annie- I had a past life experience.  Harry- Okay, let me guess, you were a...Susan B. Anthony...  Annie- No.  Harry- Eleanor Roosevelt...  Annie- No.  Harry- Queen Elizabeth...  Annie- No.  Harry- Uh...I give up...  Annie- In a time of ancient gods...I was Xena the Warrior Princess.  533kb wav or 249kb mp3
  4. Annie- You don't know what you're dealing with!  Read it...Read it...It came from yesterday's paper.  Harry- Okay,gonna just turn the light on...  Annie- C'mon Harry, hurry...  Harry- Vigilante strikes again...A woman dressed as Xena - Warrior princess, saved an elderly man from being mugged yesterday at the Mason Street Mall.  It's the third time in two weeks that the vigilante has struck.  What are you saying...that was you?  Annie- I know it sounds crazy and I have no memory of it, but look...look, see these marks on my sword.  It's as if it's been used in battle and the same with my did they get there?  Harry...I think I've been doing these things on the nights you've been working late at the hospital.  Harry- says here...that the vigilante struck with acrobatic athleticism.  Annie, you need a rub down after a game of croquet.  1,331kb wav or 625kb mp3
  5. Annie- But...when my body is taken over by my previous life spirit, Xena - Warrior Princess, I clearly become a very dangerous woman.  162kb wav or 76kb mp3
  6. Annie- I should see a counselor, huh?  Harry- Wonderful idea.  I'm so relieved.  Annie- A past lives counselor.  165kb wav or 78kb mp3
  7. Annie- And you said that dressing the part was silly.  Well these people don;t seem to think it's silly at all.  Harry- Who could argue with them?  Annie- Hold that would ya, honey?  Harry- Uh huh, a Halloween party.  261kb wav or 116kb mp3 
  8. Annie- Joan of Arc...Xena...of my sword's bigger than yours.  325kb wav or 166kb mp3
  9. Annie- Ya, that's good Joan...ya still got it.  Joan of Arc- You're obviously a lover not a fighter.  Annie- Even rude for a French woman.  320kb wav or 160kb mp3
  10. Mattie- Sorry I kept you waiting. armor.  Looking sharp, George. must be Xena...are you ready?  Annie- Absolutely.  Harry- Hey...excuse me.  Excuse me...mind if I come in with you?  Annie- Harry...please...  Mattie- And you are?  Harry- I'm her boyfriend.  Mattie- I'm sorry, but it is in Annie's best interest that her first past life voyage be by herself.  Harry- First past life voyage...okay.  Annie- Thank you doctor...  Why do you have to be so mean all the time?  1,207kb wav or 590kb mp3
  11. Mattie- There is a possibility that the Xena identity takes over Annie's...and in that state you roam the town as the Xena vigilante.  There's only one way to find out for sure...shall we?  Annie- I'm ready.   Mattie- Close your eyes...concentrate on your breath...focus on each and every breath you take...I want you to feel it enter through you nose...move through your diaphragm...and release it out again.  729kb wav or 350kb mp3
  12. Mattie- You've expressed interest in ancient Greece.  We're going to send you back to that time...back...back...back.  Now at the count of ten i want you to find yourself in another place, another time, another body.   1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...(flashback)  1,345kb wav or 654kb mp3
  13. Mattie- it's okay,'re in your present body.  Annie- I was, I was there...I saw Hope and Gabrielle fall into the pit...I experienced the whole broke my heart.  I am Xena.  Mattie- Do you have any recollection of being the Xena vigilante?  Annie- Well...I mean there was something strange about it...  Mattie- Go on...tell me.  Annie- Well, it wasn't like I was inside my body..her was like I was outside watching.  1,003kb wav or 480kb mp3
  14. Radio Announcement:  ...And now the news...  732kb wav or 343kb mp3
  15. Mattie- What's the matter, Annie?  Annie- Egods, the horror... Mattie- What happened?  Annie- I...  Mattie- Say it.
    I...was Joxer.  Aaaaaggggghhh!!!!....  445kb wav or 222kb mp3
  16. Annie- .....Aaaaagggghhh!!!  Harry- Annie!   Mattie- She's okay.  Harry- Annie...what's the matter?  Annie- Oh Harry...I went back Joxer.   Oh please not Joxer...that ass...  Harry- Doctor...Look at her...she's devastated!  Annie- He's the comic relief...   Mattie- Obviously she didn't expect to find out that she's this Joxer person.  Harry- Knock off that crap!  You can get her to believe she's anybody you want. 1,045kb wav or 497kb mp3
  17. Annie- ...He's a deluded idiot...  Mattie- I don't like your tone, sir.  Harry- Oh no?  Well how do you like the sound of a malpractice suit?  Annie- Wait a minute...   Mattie & Harry- What?!  Annie- You were there...  Mattie- Excuse me?  Annie- Whoa yeah...I'm sure of it.  You were there, not you as the doctor, you as somebody else, I'm not sure who.  Mattie- It's common for patients to imagine their life...  Annie- I wasn't imagining were there.  Harry- Of course you were you're gonna go over there and convince her that she's not this...whatever his name is.  Mattie- Alright...I could go back there to clarify her remembrance.  Let's have a seat...  886kb wav or 406kb mp3
  18. Annie- Was I Joxer or not?  Mattie- I'm gonna get you a sedative.  83kb wav or 40kb mp3
  19. Mattie- Look I went back with her to one of her previous lives and...I experienced something...something very real.  Marco- Self-hypnosis...I told you that was a danger with're gonna blow it.  Mattie- You don't was like Technicolor...Ya know...I felt like I was really there.   Marco- You're probably watching too many episodes.  Mattie- I don't watch that show...a bunch of "chop Sakae" crap.  Besides, this was so repulsive, it couldn't have been an episode.  Marco- Ya never know with that show...  Mattie- The sights, the sounds...   Marco- Their sneaky...They'll try anything...  Mattie- ...that smell...  Marco- One week they're melodrama, the next week they're "Three Stooges".  Mattie- Marco...You're telling me...I believed it.  Marco- ...And they're way too serialized.  835kb wav or 375kb mp3
  20. Mattie- To be honest, I'd like to experince it again myself.  57kb wav or 27kb mp3
  21. Mattie- Let's all become our breathes...  32kb wav or 16kb mp3
  22. Mattie- On the count of ten we'll find ourselves in another body...  69kb wav or 32kb mp3
  23. Annie- Harry...what did you experince?  Harry- was...uh...strange...  Annie- Uh huh...but it's all bunkem, right?  It's all the power of suggestion, right?  Harry- It's was unusal...  Annie- What are you saying?   Harry...  Harry- Annie...maybe...Joxer wasn't such a bad guy.  Annie- OH GOD!!  OH GOD!!  Harry- Look...none of us are thinkin' straight.  1,152kb wav or 534kb mp3
  24. Harry- Why don;t we get outta here, okay?  Mattie- That's a good idea...I think we;ve done all we can here...there's no charge.  Marco- Nobody's going anywhere.  Mattie- Marco, what are you doing?  Marco- We have some business to take care of...  318kb wav or 155kb mp3
  25. Mattie- I'm threw with this scam!  Annie- It's a scam...I knew I couldn't be Joxer.  142kb wav or 66kb mp3
  26. Mattie- What is that?  Harry- It's a bomb.   Marco- Very good!  Mattie- Why Marco?   Marco- Because boiling oil is too hard to rig in this day and age.  186kb wav or 85kb mp3
  27. Marco- got about ten minutes before this thing blows your heads off.  Uh...Oh...Have a nice day.  Harry- You too.   Annie- Don't worry...I'm gonna get us outta this mess.  Mattie- This is a fine time to find out this reincarnation thing is for real.  All this time I think I'm running a harmless little scam, I've been poisoning my karma.  782kb wav or 371kb mp3
  28. Mattie- Look Marco taught me the hypnosis technique, and I never thought I would hurt anyone.  Now I'm responsible for getting you two blown up...this is a karmic catastrophy...I'm gonna come back as a worm...a a TV Avangelist.  385kb wav or 173kb mp3
  29. Harry- Look at us...we're tied up with a bomb between out's like one of those cliffhanger act breaks on that show.  Annie- I can't believe you're trashing Xena at atime like this.  270kb wav or 98kb mp3
  30. Harry- Take us back, Mattie.  Annie- You really think that will help?  Harry- Xena got out this type of jam all the's something she wants us to learn.  Annie- I'm coming.  Mattie- Okay, relax...  Annie- Oh, not again!  403kb wav or 183kb mp3
  31. Mattie- What the hell was that all about?!  Harry- I don't know?  You were Xena, right?  Mattie- Yes.   Harry- Okay...then I must have been one of the two blondes.   Annie- Would you listen to you two...who's deluded now?!  I didn't experience anything that's a scam! 369kb wav or 165kb mp3
  32. Annie- I'm going to take these wires that lead to the bomb...I'm going to cut them with my teeth.  Harry- No you're not Annie...  Mattie- You're going to disarm the bomb with your teeth?  Harry- It's dangerous...  Annie- I'm afraid I've got to little missy.   Harry- Annie, I'm begging you.  Annie- And Harry I'm sick of's always...don't do this and don't do that...and don't...Ouch...  Harry- I'm sorry sweetheart...I couldn't let you touch those wires.  Mattie- No doubt who she was.  669kb wav or 307kb mp3
  33. Annie- I was Joxer...  Mattie- I was the sidekick...  Harry- I know who the Xena vigilante is...  156kb wav or 77kb mp3
  34. Annie- How can you be Xena?  You can't even stay awake during the teaser.  80kb wav or 37kb mp3
  35. Marco- You still haven't lost it...Xena.  Harry- And you're evil as ever...Ares.  116kb wav or 53kb mp3
  36. Ares- Sorry to put you though all this, but I had to be sure.  I knew if i challenged you...give you every opportunity to visit your life back'd regain your old identity.  Harry- What do you want...Ares?   Ares- What I want is what I've always   It's the big opportunity, Xena.  We're on the virge...  Harry- Virge of what?  Ares- January the first, 2000...the world's going to be dying for someone to take charge, that's where you and I come in.  Harry- What are you talking about?  Ares- Y-2-K...The world is going to be in a state of chaos.  It's a little something I came up with when I got out of the tomb you left me in...remember?  In a world that no longer worships me, I had to get creative.  But now I've got it and there's nothing you can do to stop it.  I do however need some human help, so my choice as you.  I guess I'm just a sentimental kinda guy...remember? 1,616kb wav or 748kb mp3
  37. Ares- Same arguement...same card to play.  So...ho 'bout it Xena?   Harry- Not a chance, Ares.  Ares- Oh, c' can;t still be holding a grudge after all these years?  Harry- It's not a's the difference between right and wrong...good and just never learned that lesson.  Ares- Are we gonna fight again?   Harry- Bring it on.  603kb wav or 288kb mp3
  38. Ares- Ow!!'s it...I'm done!  Annie- I decked the god of war.  218kb wav or 109kb mp3
  39. Annie- You lose a little bit of your edge when you haven't been worshipped in a while.  Harry- You're breaking my heart.  112kb wav or 50kb mp3
  40. Annie- Yeah and you better disappear...great big hunk of god.  108kb wav or 51kb mp3
  41. Annie- Harry...I got some bad news for ya.  You and I aren't made for each other.  She's your soulmate.  Harry- My soulmate?   Annie- If you could stay awake through just one episode, you'd know these things.  And another thing...I went back when Callisto had you two tied up...and ya know what?  Joxer saved your butts...I saw it from his point of view and you wqould never had gotten that Chakram if he hadn't come in when he did...he had the heart of a lion and a really really big one too.  Harry- You're right, Annie.  Annie- And he was a very underrated fighter...well...goodbye.  Oh, um...Harry...I've been aware for some time that you've been going into my underwear drawer at night's nice to know that it was in a good cause.  Harry- Thanks.  I guess.  1,552kb wav or 712kb mp3
  42. Mattie- It's funny...I do feel strangely attached to you.  Harry- What do you remember?  Mattie- I think I remember...when we first  met...(monologue by Gabrielle) is has no beginning and no end.  The loving friend we meet on our journey...return to us time after time.  We never die...because we were never really born.  ...It's been a long time.  Harry- It's been too long...friend.   1,449kb wav or 704kb mp3 or ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file
  43. The last thing for the fourth season: (Lucy sings) Annie bannanie...she kicks fanny...dangerous with sword or knife...learned the skills in her past life...never will you out fox her...she's as good as old Joxer......I'm Annie...I'm Annie the Mighty!~~  You should just kiss her, they don't come any sweeter  ...Ya know I could be Xena in my next life...  1,035kb wav or 515kb mp3 or ( 28.8 streaming version, 28.8 .rm file

    Here are the "one liners" I took from the episode.

    1. Annie- They should never have introduced his character in the first place!  57kb wav or 27kb mp3
    2. Annie- OH GOD!! OH GOD!!  59kb wav or 27kb mp3
    3. Annie- Aw, not again!  41kb wav or 20kb mp3
    4. Annie- I've been aware for sometime that you've been going through my underwear drawer at night.
       81kb wav or 37kb mp3
    5. Harry- Maybe Joxer wasn't such a bad guy?  Annie- OH GOD!! OH GOD!!  176kb wav or 83kb mp3


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