Sounds from The Dirty Half Dozen

  1. Music from The Dirty Dozen 2,030 kb
  2. Agathon- Six thou, man! Instant legend. 89 kb
  3. Agathon- 'Cause all I've ever wanted is to rule the world and this metal gives it to me. 295 kb
  4. Agathon- The former number one Ares femme, the owner of the Chakram? Ares: Others have made the mistake of underestimating Xena. No, no, no, no, War god. Nobody underestimates Xena. They underestimate you. You've got a hot spot for the killer babe and when push comes to shove you follow your, uh, lower instincts, know what I mean? 776 kb
  5. Agathon- Hey Xena! Looky what I found! your Chakram sure would come in handy right now. 228 kb
  6. Agathon- Gives you a happy doesn't it? All these toys and nothing else like them except this! 286 kb
  7. Ares- He's behind you. 54 kb
  8. Ares- Don't be in too much of a hurry. Agathon: Yeah, yeah. I'm not like Callisto. I can pace myself, War god. Whoa! Nice 'ceps. Do you work out or are all you gods cut? 362 kb
  9. Ares- You always seem to know when I'm around. I must have a certain presence around you. Xena: You say presence, I say stench. Oh, ow! Score one for the Warrior Princess! 626 kb
  10. Ares- Score one for the Warrior Princess! 143 kb
  11. Darnelle- How's it going, roomies? 67 kb
  12. Darnelle- Where'd you learn that? Gabrielle: I'm a princess. 122 kb
  13. Darnelle- That's got to be uncomfortable. 67 kb
  14. Darnelle- Hey! That's not how a princess fights! Gabrielle: Amazon Princess! 178 kb
  15. Darnelle- Why does everyone want to kill me? 76 kb
  16. Gabrielle- Xena, i've changed so much since I met you. Wonder how much of that is timing. Does it really matter? Am I really who I am, or am I what you made me? 577 kb
  17. Gabrielle- I don't think I've ever been a part of a true disaster before. Xena: You're such a cynic. 205 kb
  18. Glaphyra- I specialize. 114 kb
  19. Glaphyra- I want you to know when I kill you, it won't be because you're a man. 184 kb
  20. Walsim- And if I say yes? Xena: Chances are you'll die. We're going up against Ares. 226 kb
  21. Walsim- Sorry Xena. You offered freedom, Agathon offered cash. 231 kb
  22. Xena- I have a proposition for you. 62 kb
  23. Xena- Glaphyra! I know you're in here. Darnelle: Whoa! There was a lady in here? Glaphyra: I'm no lady. 567 kb
  24. Xena- Sorry gentlemen, this is a private party. Don't follow unless you want to be buried alive. 246 kb
  25. Xena- Monlik here was a master theif. Taught Autolycus a thing or two. Darnelle I found in a small village. Trained him up to be a gladiator. He was an unbeatable killer. Darnelle: Your training was good. My talent was a gift. Walsim. Walsim was the finest assassin I ever trained. He partnered with Thersites for a while. Walsim: You introduced him to me. I hear you offed him. Glaphyra. Glaphyra when I met her was eager to see the world. She ended up a slaver, selling men to traders from the south. Gabrielle: Just men? Glaphyra: I specialize. 1,882 kb
  26. Xena- These people, all of them, were they murderers before you met them? It seems like maybe they .... Gabrielle, it was me. I changed them. 495 kb
  27. Xena- Wakey, wakey! 44 kb
  28. Xena- Is this a private get together or can anyone join in? 114 kb
  29. Xena- Gabrielle is a good teacher. Who knows, if I had met her back when I met you maybe it'd be me who changed. 523 kb
  30. Xena- I've got that answer to your question. Are you who you are or are you who I made you. And? You're Gabrielle, bard, Amazon Princess, best friend. Nobody made you who you are, it was already there. Question is, who would I be without you? 990 kb

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