Sounds from A Comedy of Eros

  1. Cupid- Things we do for love. 100 kb
  2. Draco- Xena, long time. 158 kb
  3. Draco- That was quite a welcome. What did I do to deserve that? Xena: It's what you're not gonna do that earned it. And a lot more. 494 kb
  4. Draco- No, stay back. She's mine. Xena: Then come and get me. 361 kb
  5. Draco- I'm warning you, Xena. Stay clear. 119 kb
  6. Draco- You are as good as ever, aren't you, Xena? Better. 258 kb
  7. Draco- By the gods you have gotten better! 199 kb
  8. Draco- Joxer! That pipsqueak? I will kill him! Gabrielle: You gave your word that you wouldn't hurt him. Oh, I won't. I will cut his head off so fast he won't feel a thing. 754 kb
  9. Draco- We need to talk. 51 kb
  10. Draco- I had the score of a decade. Then you show up and not only wreck it, but you make me look bad in front of my woman! Xena: Well, ain't love a bitch. 471 kb
  11. Draco- Why are you doing this? Xena: For love. But you know that I'm in love with Gabrielle. I'm counting on it. 640 kb
  12. Draco- From now on, whenever I loot a town or raid a village I'll only kill the old people. Or maybe just the men over fifty? Livestock? Okay, all right, all right. I'll only kill other looters and raiders. 1,009 kb
  13. Draco- The point is...everything I do will be for you. So don't forget me Gabrielle. The gods know I won't forget you. 506 kb
  14. Draco- I think I'm gonna like this helpful stuff. 152 kb
  15. Gabrielle- Just between you and me? Being chaste can be real hard. Xena: Chaste? No, I was talkin' about having to answer to that stupid bell your whole life. 471 kb
  16. Gabrielle- All I'm saying is that when it's right, Love can be the most potent force in the world. Xena: Which is precisely why it should be avoided and we should stay focused on why we're here. To protect those women. 471 kb
  17. Gabrielle- We have to talk. 41 kb
  18. Gabrielle- It's the first rule in the bard's scrolls. Ya write what you know. 196 kb
  19. Gabrielle- I'll be right back. 52 kb
  20. Gabrielle- Pookie! I know. 63 kb
  21. Gabrielle- Look! Cherries! I love cherries. Draco: Me too. Did I mention I'm a widow? 625 kb
  22. Gabrielle- I never knew love could be so exhausting. Xena: Yeah, but worth the work. Xena! Do I hear a touch of romance in your voice? Not if I hear a touch of the I told you so in yours. 481 kb
  23. Gabrielle- Can you imagine the two of us in love? Joxer: Ridiculous. Yeah, kind of makes you laugh just to think about it.
  24. Virgin- We won't bite! Hard. 95 kb
  25. Xena- Takes a certain kind of reckless courage to defile a temple. Takes even more to go up against Draco. I found I can't think of anyone else crazy enough to try. Xena! Xena! Second thought. 488 kb
  26. Xena- Hello, Draco. 45 kb
  27. Xena- You've picked up some new moves. I've had lots of practice. That sounds exhausting. On the contrary, it was refreshing. I can think of better ways to get refreshed, can't you? I can't deny you excite me but interfere and I will kill you just as dead as anybody else. Do you understand me? Better than you think. 1,598 kb
  28. Xena- With me, profit's not always measured with gold. 158 kb
  29. Xena- I have many skills. 105 kb
  30. Xena- I'll be right back. 38 kb
  31. Xena- Gabrielle, what's going on? You barely tolerate Joxer. 169 kb
  32. Xena- Gabrielle, this is crazy. You can't be in love with Joxer. He's....well..he's Joxer. 300 kb
  33. Xena- You can't want Gabrielle. Between you and me she's a little...... Draco: I know what I want. 210 kb
  34. Xena- This love stuff is a real pain. 140 kb
  35. Xena- I'm sorry, sweetie. That hurt me a lot more than it hurt you. Sweetie? Did I say sweetie? I've never used that word in my life before. Oh, but he's so cute. 454 kb
  36. Xena- So talk. 48 kb
  37. Xena- You would kill the woman you love? Draco: The question is, would you? 340 kb
  38. Xena- Gabrielle's not the woman for you, Draco. I am. 230 kb
  39. Xena- Didn't your mother ever teach you not to hit a man while he's down? 128 kb
  40. Xena- Xena, I should've known. So should I. When Gabrielle fell for Joxer, me for you, you for her, I should've known something was wrong then. What do you mean? These feelings that we're having, the gods know they seem real, but they're not. If I'm right they're from Cupid's arrows. 889 kb
  41. Xena- You can't change the one you love so wise up. Gabrielle could never love someone who lives off hurting others. You can't change her so if you want to win her love you better change yourself. 761 kb
  42. Xena- 'Bout time you clipped his wings. 85 kb
  43. Xena- That's it? Cupid: Yeah, easy come, easy go. 311 kb

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