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Sounds from Lucy Lawless on Conan O'Brian

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  1. Lucy- I was looking forward to that other music. Conan: What music? That Charleston, Chatleston music. Conan: They know everything. 178 kb
  2. Lucy- Conan: I hate to do this, I know people ask you to do this all the time... Can we hear it? Is that alright? Absolutely. (Does the battle cry) 233 kb
  3. Lucy- I know, all the way in New Zealand, I heard Andy is sick. Conan: He is, he's feeling a little ill, but that just cured him. That evaporated all the phlegm in his body. You can see it rising above him. 166 kb
  4. Lucy- Conan: You know what I enjoy about your show is the fight scenes, are really fun to watch. They're really fun to do... 202 kb
  5. Lucy- Conan: Do you practise with a sword a lot? I have one in the trunk of my car actually. You know if you're on Mulholland at night and you need to change a tire, you may well need it. Conan: You carry a sword, 'cuz that would be hard to explain at an airport. That's just my broad sword. My telescopic one. 270 kb
  6. Lucy- Conan: Did you also enjoy, you must enjoy fight scenes because you like to see them in movies... We've seen What Dreams May Come the other day... And he turned to me and said, it needed a fight, yeah, it needed a fight. Conan: So you go to see Ganghdi and you think this needs a fight. 559 kb
  7. Lucy- Conan: It's no secret of course, your show, very successful, but, you guys have a very big lesbian following... I want a lesbian following for this show. A little nip and tuck would've fixed that Conan... You too can have a lesbian following. 458 kb
  8. Lucy- Conan: He's going to be fine, he's always moaning and groaning during the show... There's a pool of that phlegm you were talking about on the bottom of this chair. Conan: Oh, thanks. That helped the interview. 260 kb
  9. Lucy- Conan: There was a gay pride parade in Sydney... Sydndy Mardi Gras is just a blast. 389 kb
  10. Lucy- Conan: You were on the show before, and since then you had your 30th birthday... I went on my honeymoon... 223 kb
  11. Lucy- Conan: What was the worst birthday you ever had? When I was 18 my father gave me a hole punch... 370 kb
  12. Lucy- Conan: Have you stolen anything yourself? I don't steal stuff... Conan: You have a phlgem obsession we know. 629 kb
  13. Lucy- Conan: So did you get, I mean, no one found out? I got busted, and now you just made me bust myself. 326 kb
  14. Lucy- Conan: Check your local listings for Xena: Warrior Princess... you're doing SNL this saturday... thanks very much for coming by, nice to have you with us... 715 kb

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