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Sounds from Between The Lines

Video tape copy of this episode was graciously donated by Xenite "Pat" from Naples, FL. USA

Download all 49 sounds in .wav format 13,350kb  or   Download all 49 sounds in .mp3 format 12,925kb

Cast of characters:  Xena, Gabrielle, Khinden/Alti, Naima, Shakti, Armanestra (Xena's Future Life) Shakti (Gabrielle's Future Life).  This is the third of the four episodes based in India.  In this episode, we learn about reincarnation and the power of the spirit.  I have a mixed bag of short and long clips posted here.  Some are shorter versions of longer clips.  I did this to provide those who like the short clips for their desktop sounds and the longer ones for those who wish to have the feel of the episode.  I hope you enjoy it. 
As always, please let me know what ya think. -

  1. Menhdi- Is the great peacemaker deaf as well?  Xena (realizing the she is Armanestra)- Armanestra?  What is your business with these people?!  Menhdi- My business is to own and soul.  Kill the men...capture the rest.  Armanestra- Wait a minute!  Menhdi- seems the Mother of Peace has a backbone afterall.  Interesting..but I have an army, and you have are a handful of villagers and your message of peace.  The odds are in my favor, I think.   Kill them!  584kb wav or 450kb mp3
  2. Alti- Armanestra must have a place of hiding...where is it?  Where was she taken?!  Fear...I can feel it within you.  You see...there once was a powerful Shamaness named Alti...and Alti knew what was in the hearts of men and women.   You are experiencing the torment of a thousand lifetimes...past and present.   Talk to me...tell me where Xena is?  ...He didn't know.  Warrior- Who is this Xena...I thought you wanted Armanestra?  Alti- Xena is Armanestra!  She's an old, old friend of mine and once I capture her, and make her power mine.  I will have everything that has made her who she is. Timeless...and I will be the destroyer of nations.  846kb wav or 634kb mp3
  3. Alti- I'm so close to my goal.  I knew one day I would find the body of Xena's Karma.  I've been searching for it...hoping beyond hope that I could take her power and now I've found it.  She couldn't have done it alone...I have an enemy in the past and I don't know who it is. Now I need a sacrifice...her.  441kb wav or 336kb mp3
  4. Alti- Ah, fear...I want that fear or that power inside you, or the power of your fear.  I can take it from you.  117kb wav or 90kb mp3
  5. Alti- We have so much to catch up on...last time I saw you, you were killing me.  You know what I'm after.  Armanestra- I can guess.  Your soul has moved on along with your evil.  You're looking for that spiritual power that you once had, but you've found it in the Karmic Circle.  Alti- Very good, but I was short sighted...the spiritual power I was feeding on was nothing compared to this.  Every person here has generations of power just waiting for me to take and you know the key.  Armanestra- Fear?  Alti- Fear.  Armanestra- I's like heat radiating from you victim.  That fear is a flaw Alti..a subtle human flaw given to us by the gods so that they can exploit us.  You think it's wonderful to have that power, but it's not.  Alti- With the power fear gives me, I can look into your mind for the truth.  Who sent you Xena?   Who is it?  Who's my enemy from the past?  Is it an enlightened one?   A Dharsham?   823kb wav or 634kb mp3
  6. Alti- Well how pathetic, the great warrior can't kill.  Take her away!  63kb wav or 50kb mp3
  7. Alti- I'm in awe Xena...I truly am. I see you found your friend...Gabrielle, was it?  Yes...she has a lot of power.  Her past lives have filled her.  Soon that power...your power will be mine.  No...Not here...the people need to witness the death of their hero, Shakti and Armanestra on the stakes.   But don't'll die slow.  I want to feel every delicious moment of your pain.  568kb wav or 435kb mp3
  8. Alti- I want to feel every delicious moment of your pain.  35kb wav or 27mp3
  9. Alti- It's judgment I realize what I was truly meant to be.  49kb wav or 38kb mp3
  10. Alti- Another chance!!  You brought my soul back to try to defeat me, Xena!  The problem also brought back my powers!  299kb wav or 220kb mp3
  11. Alti- What's she told you about me little girl?!  Has she told you about my powers?! Has she told you about this?!  My gift to you...that's your future!  She's responsible for your death!  Xena- YOU BITCH!!!  318kb wav or 237kb mp3
  12. Alti- Give me that pain!!  Give it to me!!  638kb wav or 474kb mp3
  13. Alti- You must be the Dharsham!  The one that sent them!   I can feel it.  I'll have Xena's powers and yours...nothing can compare to that.  I will have it!!  283kb wav or 213kb mp3
  14. Alti's fight sequenceAlti- What's the matter Xena...having a problem fighting me in my spiritual state?  Don't worry...I'm real formed from the evil of the earth.  707kb wav or 519kb mp3
  15. Armanestra- Alti?  Alti- Xena!  I knew I'd find your soul eventually!  Atlhan- With me,!  141kb wav or 104kb mp3
  16. Armanestra- You are you?  Shakti- The army needs!!  Atlhan- Come Armanestra!  Armanestra- I can't leave!  Atlhan- You are the only hope that the people have, Armanestra...Come now!  Alti- Xena...the great warrior in the body of Armanestra the peacemaker...she's mine!  485kb wav or 358kb mp3
  17. Armanestra- I've been checking out your army.  Low numbers and even lower morale.  I've seen much of does when one is a messenger of peace.  ...Just in case...there that'll take care of the bleeding.  Shakti- AmazingArmanestra- We're not out of the woods yet...grit your teeth.  There's not many people who can take a crossbow bolt in through the shoulder and still keep their arm.  354kb wav or 272kb mp3
  18. Armanestra- Trust me Shakti...I've known her a very long time.  39kb wav or 32kb mp3
  19. Armanestra- Something wrong?  (Gabrielle as Shakti)- No, no...I'm fine.  I was just thinking of someone I need to find.   What...what were we talking about?  Armanestra- I was saying that Khinden is not afraid of your army.  She lives off the fear of others.  She's more than just a warrior.  Shakti- A warrior?  Khinden?  Armanestra- I know this doesn't make much sense to you, but she's trying to recreate powers she lost long ago.  Shakti- Is she tall? Black hair?  Particular war cry when she attacks?  Armanestra- Leave us.  ...Gabrielle!  Shakti- Xena?  Is that really you?   Naima didn't tell me that you'd look so different.  634kb wav or 494kb mp3
  20. Armanestra- Your name is're the leader in this land.   Shakti- This is my Karma.  This is my reincarnated soul?   110kb wav or 86kb mp3
  21. Armanestra- First things first, we'll have to set free the people that Khinden captured.  Shakti- Xena, the Mehndi's the key.   It's the only way we can bring Alti back to our world.  We have to use so you can defeat her there.  Armanestra- We capture her and her men will take revenge.  We'll have to set them free at the same time,  Shakti- I'm sure your mind is sharp as ever, but how?  Armanestra- It's a good question.  304kb wav or 237kb mp3
  22. Armanestra- Here you're the warrior...the hero.  Shakti- Xena, in this lifetime, the Mother of Peace would be a goddess to me...that's a hero.   124kb wav or 97kb mp3
  23. Armanestra- The blood of an innocent gives power to no one...I should know.   54kb wav or 43kb mp3
  24. Armanestra- Alti just left.  If we're going to bring to the past and beat her, then you better start painting.  Shakti- What if I don't remember everything that Naima taught me?  Armanestra- Don't try to think Gabrielle...She said that the Mehndi was the path home... trust that.   Just let it happen...  176kb wav or 136kb mp3
  25. Attack on the Village: Atlhan- No!   Great Mother you can't kill!!  Armanestra- Let me see...  Atlhan- I have never known such pain.  I'm sorry...I couldn't let you kill.  Armanestra- I know you were protecting my soul, otherwise Karma would have been destroyed.  Atlhan- I've done what you've asked.  Armanestra- Thank you friend.  Alti- Well, how pathetic...the great warrior can't kill.  Take her away!  1,803kb wav or 1,332kb mp3
  26. Gabrielle- Xena, it's not as if people will stare at you.  Xena- I'm not worried about that.  Gabrielle- It's the latest rage in India.  You know what they say...when in Rome...  Xena- Oh, please...  GabrielleOk, different analogy...when you want to fly with eagles...  Xena- Don't dress like a turkey.  222kb wav or 173kb mp3
  27. Gabrielle- Ooo  Xena- Gabrielle, look, this is just not me.  Gabrielle- No, no it is you.   The color, the jewelry, it's um, it says, um, casual, it says, sexy, it says... Xena- Yeee!  Gabrielle- It says alot.  200kb wav or 156kb mp3
  28. Gabrielle- There's alot to be said about immersing yourself into the culture of a new land.  39kb wav or 32kb mp3
  29. Gabrielle- I guess it's a day for changes.  14kb wav or 13kb mp3
  30. Gabrielle- I guess it's a day for changes.  Xena- Oh yeah.  How does this feel?  Gabrielle- Feels pretty good...I wish I had some word in it though.  Ya know it was like this in that vision.  Xena- I know...I've been thinking about that.  Gabrielle- Xena, Alti was evil.  Why should we believe anything she showed us?  The Mehndi contains the truth, I wish there was some way that...that we could do that again, just...just to really know.  Xena- Naima woulda told us.   Gabrielle- Yeah...there's so many questions I wished I had asked her...about what this all means.  You know what she said?  She said that your Karma and mine...they're intertwined.  Xena- Maybe it's not the first time we've walked down this road, huh?  Gabrielle- Maybe it won't be the last?  How would I recognize you?  Xena- We need a sign.  This way no matter how we look, we'll always remember the way we were.   Like it?  Gabrielle- I love it.  1,106kb wav or 859kb mp3
  31. Gabrielle transporting to future life: Gabrielle- Xena... you better hurry.  Xena?...Xena?  Naima- not here, sweet thing.  Gabrielle- Look I don't have time for this.   Where is Xena?  Naima- Xena...Xena...  643kb wav or 485kb mp3
  32. Gabrielle is shown the lines of life: Naima- It is the beauty of the universe.  Each line has it's place, each has a meaning, each drawing on the other to complete it's totality.  Gabrielle- That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  431kb wav or 321kb mp3
  33. Music:  271kb wav or 202kb mp3
  34. Naima- There is a great evil in the future that is hunting Xena's soul.  It has found her.  If it succeeds, her Karmic cycle will end along with all the good of her future lives.  Gabrielle- Who is her enemy?   Naima- I don't know.  I had to send her there defend herself.  I was not able to tell her much before she left. Gabrielle- Send me there.  Naima- I'm not sure that's wise.  Gabrielle- This Karma you're talking about...can you see mine?  Can you see how much Xena is a part of that? Naima- many lives...past and future.  You are right.  But if you are to go, I must give you the weapon I could not give her.  You must learn the Mehndi.  Gabrielle- Teach me.  553kb wav or 433kb mp3
  35. Naima- Just remember...the key is the Mehndi.  Together you and Xena must use it to trap bring it back to be destroyed.  Gabrielle- I understand.  168kb wav or 133kb mp3
  36. Naima- Mehndi is the path to enlightenment.  Feel it, don't try to understand it...accept it.  84kb wav or 68kb mp3
  37. Naima- You are ready.  Tell Xena, the evil can only be destroyed here where she's still powerful.  Armanestra- Something wrong?  711kb wav or 538kb mp3
  38. Naima- Thank you Xena.  You destroyed Alti at the one time in her Karma when she was most powerful.  Xena- The one time?  73kb wav or 58kb mp3
  39. Naima- Her soul is not destroyed. It will return many times filled with evil, but you will always be there to meet it.  And you Gabrielle, you both walk a path together.  Think of yourselves as lines...separated...but forever connected.   Mehndi contains truth.  276kb wav or 216kb mp3
  40. Painting the Mehndi ......Your spirit will rise like smoke from the fire...... 1,161kb wav or 862kb mp3
  41. Shakti- Is it a problem, Atlhan?  Break the tip and pull it out.  Atlhan- It's not that easy...there could be damage to the lung and if I pull it out it's possible it will...  Armanestra- Let me take a look at it.  Atlhan- Good Mother this is not something for you to see.  I said I'll come and get you when we...  Armanestra- I'm not one much for waiting around.  148kb wav or 121kb mp3
  42. Shakti- Your abilities are surprising Armanestra.  Armanestra- Just take it as a thank you for saving my life.  Shakti- What man of peace wouldn't?  We have been through wars through out the sub-continent, but I'm afraid Kinhden has no soul, and she's already won.  I will fight as long as I am able, but I have to think about my people.  Armanestra- Shakti, if you surrender now, your people will be enslaved and you...  Shakti- Oh I'll be executed, that's a given, but enslaved or not they'll be alive and as long as they are there will be hope.  Armanestra- Not with this one.   Trust me Shakti, I've known her a very long time.  409kb wav or 316kb mp3
  43. Shakti- Naima sent you here.  You must defend your soul against a great evil.  I don't know what that is...  Armanestra- Alti...the great evil is Alti.  Shakti- I thought you killed Alti?  Armanestra- Her evil just moved on to it's next life, and this time not only does she her spirit, but she has the strength of a warrior.   Which is why the Mother of Peace has no success against KhindenShakti- The Mother of Peace?  Armanestra- Me...  279kb wav or 214kb mp3
  44. Shakti- Ya know if this doesn't work, it all ends here. souls...  Armanestra- We don't have any choice.   134kb wav or 106kb mp3
  45. Xena- What has this woman done?!  Villager- Naima's husband is dead, she must join him.  Gabrielle- Has she been found guilty of murder?  Villager- Her?  Our custom has been passed down and can only be changed by a Dharsham.  An enlightened one.   Her husband died...she must join him.  It is the law.  Xena- Well the law's about to be broken.  244kb wav or 192kb mp3
  46. Xena- YOU BITCH!!!!!  42kb wav or 32kb mp3
  47. Xena- Gabrielle!  Naima's not Alti's's the Mehndi!  845kb wav or 616kb mp3
  48. Xena- How does this feel?  Gabrielle- It feels pretty good.  33kb wav or 27kb mp3
  49. Xena transported to the future: Xena- Naima, I don't know what you think you're doing...  Naima- Have courage Xena...I'm sending you on a journey into your future.  You're going to save your Karmic Circle.  Khinden- All this talk is tiring Armanestra. You wanted to negotiate.  931kb wav or 705kb mp3

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