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Sounds from Adventures in the Sin Trade (Part 2)

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  1. Music played during the Spirit Dance. 6.45 MB ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  2. Music played while the Amazons were making camp. 2.41 MB ( 28.8 RealAudio version or 56.6 RealAudio version)
  3. Alti- Go to your mission, succeed, and I will free your spiritial bondage, let you pass into eternity. Fail, and you live forever in the land of the dead. 215 kb
  4. Alti- Xena, you and I love the same things. Xena: I don't think so Alti. Yes, we both live for power. So far your power has been limited to the world of blood and sweat. Xena: I've done quite well in the world. Yes, but imagine what you'd do if you have the spiritial force to match the power of your heart. You'd be unstopable. Anything will be in your reach. Greece, Egypt, Rome, Ceasar. Xena: You talk a good show Alti, but so far all I've seen is a few disappearing acts. 501 kb
  5. Alti- Tell me who the blond one is. Tell me who she is. Xena: She's goodness and innocence Alti, and she will live inside me forever. She frightens you 'cuz she represents what can defeat you. Don't underestimate me Xena, you don't know what I'm capable of. 200 kb
  6. Alti- Do you know why I'm taking you into the future? Xena: You want to kill me by making me experience my death. Oh you're so clever. 90 kb
  7. Cyane- You know you have to potential to be the greatest of the woman warriors. At heart you're an amazon whether you believe it or not. 70 kb
  8. Cyane- You don't want that baby inside of you to grow up with a murderer for a mother do you? Xena: I'm already a murderer Cyane, becomming an Amazon won't change that. You're a murderer because you still think and act like one. Join us, we can teach you a new way, a new coat to live by. We live for each other, not for ourselves. 283 kb
  9. Cyane- Your choices are simple Xena, side with us and find life, side with Alti and find death. 88 kb
  10. Xena- You must feel a lot of anger towards me. 26 kb
  11. Xena- If you learned anything from that monster I used to be it's how to stay dead... I can never ask for your forgiveness. I do ask that you let me help you build a new life, that's what my friend Gabrielle did for me. 277 kb
  12. Xena- Arise, bring your spirits to me, we must be ready to make a spiritial war. 225 kb
  13. Xena- She cursed my son, she cursed him. Did her curse work? Yes. 106 kb
  14. Xena- Yeah, see I killed you little friend for sport, and now I'm gonna show you how I can out Amazon the Amazon. 78 kb
  15. Xena- You're the best thing in my life. Gabrielle: I love you Xena. 254 kb
  16. Xena- Now you know your future. 26 kb
  17. Xena- Now you know your future. (with music accompanying Alti's death) 706 kb

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