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  1. Ares- It took Hephastus months to forge those weapons. Hercules: Yeah, well, Hephastus needs a new hobby like, maybe, knitting. 314 kb
  2. Ares- You're not in neverland now pal. 100 kb
  3. Ares- When it comes to physical punishment, I invented the art. 134 kb
  4. Callisto- It's over. Leave me alone. 190 kb
  5. Callisto- And you want to kill Hercules, it's been tried. 166 kb
  6. Callisto- I can't believe you disturbed me for this. 154 kb
  7. Callisto- Oh yeah? And what exactly are you going to if I don't huh, you gonna kill me? 'cuz I'm a goddess now sweet cheeks, and goddesses don't die. 360 kb
  8. Callisto- My life. My life will never end. And it was over years ago in Cirra. There is nothing you can do for me Hope, so you go away. 725 kb
  9. Callisto- Yeah, well I love fire. It's always been a part of me since Xena's army burned my home. And that fire turned my family to ashes. And everybody died that day. 766 kb
  10. Callisto- Was it good for you? 128 kb
  11. Callisto- Are you ready to consumate the relationship and, move ahead with the play? 194 kb
  12. Callisto- Then we'd really have some fun huh? I'll show you carnage like you never dreamed of. The landscape littered with bodyparts. 344 kb
  13. Callisto- Oh I know I can. I was just hoping you'd put up a fight. 162 kb
  14. Callisto- Got your lesson Punk. 108 kb
  15. Callisto- You're finished Ares. You're washed up, wrung out. 172 kb
  16. Callisto- Let me tell you a little secret. Just the idea, the mere idea of you touching me makes my skin crawl. Come to mama. 366 kb
  17. Callisto- I can smell you. 74 kb
  18. Callisto- I do not have time for this. 94 kb
  19. Callisto- No, you're not safe, you have to get out of here before it's too late. 188 kb
  20. Callisto- I'm someone who wants to help you. If you don't get out of here, you're all gonna die. 208 kb
  21. Callisto- You have to die. For both of us now. 302 kb
  22. Callisto- Oh, I've been looking forward to this. 144 kb
  23. Callisto- I'm not playing anymore. 74 kb
  24. Gabrielle- I gave voice to the people. The fearful, the starving, the ones who disappear in the night, never to be seen again. 468 kb
  25. Gabrielle- Have you no dignity? No rights? A right to live, to be free from harm. 262 kb
  26. Gabrielle- You can't break our spirits. Xena: The cure for spirit, is fear. 226 kb
  27. Xena- You have to work on groveling. 108 kb
  28. Xena- Send his body back to his kingdom. Stick his head out with the others. 158 kb
  29. Xena- What makes you think you're cut out to be in my army? 116 kb
  30. Xena- Nice move. 44 kb
  31. Xena- That's why I'm trying to give you such a warm welcome. 154 kb
  32. Xena- I'm a legend. 54 kb
  33. Xena- A hero, me? 134 kb
  34. Xena- Maybe I'll even find true love huh? 98 kb
  35. Xena- We're gonna waste this town. 76 kb
  36. Xena- Go darkness, sound the signal for attack. Anyone who raises a sword against us, dies. 260 kb
  37. Xena- Break her legs. 56 kb

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