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  1. Gabrielle- Remember? Remember when we were kids, we got lost in the snow, and I promised I'd give you my solstice gife, if you'd just keep walking 'til we found help. And I kept my word, you remember? I gave you that rag doll. 207 kb
  2. Gabrielle- Why aren't you dead? Hope: Well, it's certain not for your lack of trying is it? 108 kb
  3. Gabrielle- I saw the fire. No one survives that. Hope: No one but me. Dahak's flame, rise in to save me. But then I've always been Daddy's little girl, haven't I? Is that why you never loved me? I loved you, I just had to stop you. Hope: For Xena? No, for us all. 377 kb
  4. Gabrielle- It's over. Or is it? Xena, do you ever, do you get the feeling that sometimes, nothing's really over? You know, it just keeps comming back around, but it's wearing a different face, its the same underneath. Xena: Sure, I was trapped in a cycle of violence and hatred. And no matter how I try to break free, something always fulls me back. Until you. Xena... Xena: No, it's true. You talk about trying to find your way, but to me, you are my way. How can I be your way when I'm, I'm lost myself. Xena: I'm searching for answers too. But how we look for them doesn't matter, as long as we look for them together. You and me. 804 kb
  5. Hecuba- Oh what a nice young man, so gallant. 39 kb
  6. Hecuba- Poor young man, he's just too brave for his own good. Herodotus: Or too stupid. It's true, you'd have to be a fool to take it on alone. 115 kb
  7. Hope (as Gabrielle)- I can't believe you're here. Xena: The Gods themselves couldn't keep me away. Xena, when you didn't answer my messages, I thought... Xena: Messages? Gabrielle, I never got them, I thought you were dead, I thought I lost you for ever. 165 kb
  8. Hope (as Gabrielle)- If you never got my messages, then how did you I was alive? Xena: It's hard to describe, but I saw you. Now now, but some place in the future. The future, don't tell me you've become an oracle. Xena: Not a very good one. 213 kb
  9. Hope (as Gabreille)- You're right, there is danger here. 28 kb
  10. Hope (as Gabrielle)- You never give up on anything, no matter the odds, the cost, the pain. 49 kb
  11. Hope (as Gabrielle)- I miss you Xena. Xena: Back at ya. 44 kb
  12. Hope- Hello beautiful. Are you cut? Did she hurt you? Let mother see. 183 kb
  13. Hope- My child, mother won't hurt you, no no. 63 kb
  14. Hope- Xena knows who I am. Yes. Good. Rest now, tonight, I want you to enjoy every moment. 194 kb
  15. Hope- It won't last long, when darkness comes, my child will wake, he'll be hungry. 83 kb
  16. Hope- What is it now? Four generations? Your parents, there's you, me, my pride, my joy. Your grandson mother, the Destroyer. 282 kb
  17. Joxer- I brought your favorite, daisies, they're in bloom now, I can bring them to you fresh everyday. 144 kb
  18. Joxer- You know I can see Gabrielle growing up around here. Helping her Mom and Dad with the chores, laying games with her sister, making the other kids laugh. 123 kb
  19. Joxer- Joxer the Mighty, at your service. 39 kb
  20. Joxer- You know, any sister of Gabrielle's, is a part of her family. 51 kb
  21. Joxer- If that's really Hope why didn't she kill you herself? Xena: Because she enjoyed it, watching her creature try to tear me apart. 84 kb
  22. Joxer- You're in no shape to take on a monster. Xena: Sure I am. Good. 66 kb
  23. Joxer- 238, 239... great, lost count again. 1, 2, 3... 210 kb
  24. Lila- Where is this special place of yours anyway? I'm getting hungry. Hope (as Gabrielle): You're not the only one. It's just off to the left. Good, I hope you brought enough food. Hope (as Gabrielle): It's plenty. 125 kb
  25. Xena- I got a definite sense of danger around you. 28 kb
  26. Xena- So, how's she been? Herodotus: Without you, just fine. I meant after everything she's been through. Herodotus: You should know, seducing her away from home with your heroics, filling her head with strange ideas. How's she been? Changed forever, because of you. 296 kb
  27. Xena- Shutup and listen to me. I wanted to believe it too 'cuz she is good, but she is not Gabrielle. 88 kb
  28. Xena- It's not going to be easy. I need you to scout the land, calculating the flocks, maybe then we can get a fix on where the beast will strike next. Joxer: Good idea. Wait, you want me to count flocks of sheep? Think you can handle it? 176 kb
  29. Xena- I searched for you. Gabrielle: You searched for me. I was afraid that... Gabrielle: You thought I was dead. What else could you think? I could've had faith, you would have. Should've know you'd survive. Gabrielle: I didn't know that I was going to survive. I'm not sure what happened to me. Sit down. What happened? Gabrielle: I don't remember much. I remember falling, I remember fire, rocks, I remember Hope, screaming when she died. I blacked out, and then I woke up at this hospice, appearantly I've been there for a long time, and I sent word to you... I don't know how to tell you this. Gabrielle: Hope's alive? By the gods, she's alive. 1,130 kb
  30. Xena- Battle cry. 32 kb
  31. Xena- Come and get some. 30 kb
  32. Xena- Bite me. Gabrielle: Wait, let's do it together. 166 kb

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