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Check out the 5 Degrees of Separation Starring Wayne Knight game
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I only have a few images, but feel free drop by to download a few

Here's a ZIP with some Seinfeld sounds
Here's the .wav file of George's answering machine
(28.8 RealAudio version and 56.6 RealAudio version)

There's a Seinfeld Quicktime Movie at
Download Quicktime Software

  • Pete's TV WAVs Drop by here for the best selection of Seinfeld .wav's I've seen
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  • Kev's Corners! Seinfeld Some .wav files and images.
  • The Seinfeld Archives Holds copies of most images, .wav files and bio's on the show.
  • The Real Kramer's Home Page The real Kramer's page. Behind the scenes look.
  • The Seinfeld FAQ
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  • Seinfeld and Simpsons Gallery
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