Lucy Lawless on the Rosie O'Donnell Show

Rosie: Our next guest is the baddest gal on TV. Take a look at her in action... roll it! Please welcome Lucy Lawless! [applause] Hi Lucy, how are you?

Lucy: I'm fabulous.

Rosie: Can I tell you something, that we have gotten the most requests to have you on the show.

Lucy: Really?

Rosie: THE most. People have been faxing, they've been calling they say, "We want Xena". Here you are.

Lucy: It's amazing. When you're the object of that kind of attention it's hard to believe and not some abstract...

Rosie: Yeah it is sort of a weird... You're from New Zealand I hear.

Lucy: Yes I am.

Rosie: See that, I'm smart. But on your show you have an American accent, do you not?

Lucy: I do. I do, and it's quite tricky for New Zealanders to pick up a standard American accent. It's much easier to pick up a Southern or New York...

Rosie: Yeah, can you do, can you give me a little New York accent?

Lucy (In a New York accent): A little New York? You know where I got this from, is from... [laughs] Listen to me I can tell I'm really excited. A little quaver in my voice.

Rosie: I don't think New Yorkers have accents, personally. [audience laughs]

Lucy: I can't believe you people really talk like that.

Rosie: Really?

Lucy: No I come here and, oh my God, it's unbelievable!

Rosie: When you walk down the streets of New York City, people scream "Hey, it's Xena! Awright!" That's just my family...

Lucy: Yeah-

Rosie: There's so many Xena little trinkets out, the doll... [holding the 10" Xena dollie] Have you seen this little doll?

Lucy: I have never seen this one. [she takes it] Got this sexy kind of dominatrix thing going.

Rosie: Kind of does. In fact a lot of people asked if you would show up wearing the costume. I said "I'm not going to ask the guest to show up wearing the costume."

Lucy: That's very kind of you.

Rosie: But we thought about it. [audience laughs] But we didn't.

Lucy: [sliding her hand down her shirt] You know it's on under this...

Rosie: It it? The whole... really? Well maybe later, you never know. Keep the people and viewers staying for the rest of the hour. Do you enjoy doing the show?

Lucy: I love it, I love it. It takes a lot out of me, but...

Rosie: It's seems very taxing, a lot of physical stuff going on there.

Lucy: Yeah. I was an actress first and foremost. It was a big shock to me to be cast in an action role. So they sent me off to classes... I grew up in a pretty rowdy kind of house. I've got 5 brothers and one sister and um, there's a lot of scrapping and...

Rosie: So you learned from the best right there.

Lucy: Oh yeah. But, uh, they sent me off to kung-fu training... [Lucy spies the Xenite membership certificate on Rosie's desk and picks it up]. What? Where did you get this from? Rosie: Well, just so you know I am a certified member of the Xenite Club [she holds the certificate up to the camera] and I have the Xenite Newsletter [holds it up] and somebody sent me in all the Xena trading cards [holds them up].

Lucy: That's amazing. Was it Jetthead?

Rosie: Yes

Lucy: [waves to camera] Hi Brenda!

Rosie: So you're finally, finally on in New Zealand? You weren't on there until recently?

Lucy: That's right. I enjoyed complete anonymity and it's all over now, Baby Blue.

Rosie: Yeah, is it a big hit over there like it is over here?

Lucy: Yes it is. But I find a real advantage to playing an intimidating character is that people just leave you alone.

Rosie: Yeah, yeah you see..

Lucy: People are so indiscreet. I go into a restaurant and they all turn around-- [she wipes her arm across her nose] they all look. They think you can't see them...

Rosie: The funniest thing to me is when people go "Hey, that's Rosie O'Donnell right there, right in front of us that's Rosie O'Donnell!" Like I don't hear them.

Lucy: They're very subtle in New York.

Rosie: Yeah you know, and you're right there... I hear you wanted to be an opera singer, you used to sing when you were little?

Lucy: Uh, when I was a teenager I studied opera for about four years and one day I woke up and went, "I don't really go for this crap". That the life of an opera singer is so dull, you can't go out late at night, you can't laugh your head off, you can't eat certain things...

Rosie: No, that's why I gave it up, too.

Lucy: No, forget it. No fun.

Rosie: Can you sing a little for us? Cause you know how I love people...

Lucy: Oh I would love to!

Rosie: Would you? Go ahead.

Lucy: Do you mind if I don't do that?

Rosie: I don't mind, you do what you want, you're Xena, Warrior Princess...

Lucy: A girl with the name of Lucy Lawless should sing a cowboy song.

Rosie: Alrighty you go ahead and do it.

Lucy: [sings]

Rosie: Wow that's nice!

Lucy: [keeps singing very very well] Yippie ai o kai ay!

Rosie: Wow, Lucy Lawless! [applause] That's unbelievable!

Lucy: You sing, you sing great I heard you!

Rosie: I don't really sing well, but I like to sing. It was a big hit here in the 70's it said "Don't matter if you're not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song." And that's what I think is my motto, Lucy.

Lucy: Do you not do cabaret?

Rosie: I did a Broadway show.

Lucy: What did you do?

Rosie: I did Grease, remember with Olivia Newton John?

Lucy: Did you really? Who did you play?

Rosie: I played Sandy [laughter]. Rizzo, I played Rizzo.

Lucy: That's a great part.

Rosie: I always cracked up when people said "who do you play?" Like I'm going to be the blonde bombshell! I mean I either had to play Rizzo or Zuko, either one.

Lucy: Because Rizzo is the coolest part in the whole thing.

Rosie: It is, it's the best part. You could do Broadway, you've got a beautiful voice. You do. [applause]. You know, one of our staff members, Lisa, she works in research. You are the goddess to her. Can she come out and meet you? Cause she'll be really mad at me if, and she works late hours...

Lucy: Of course [smiles]

Rosie: Lisa! Lisa! Lucy!

Lucy: [stands up, shakes Lisa's hand and pecks her on the cheek] Thanks for researching...

Rosie: Here I have a little thing, sit down Lisa, a have a little picture for you to sign this for her [hands Lucy an 8x10 photo]. And we're going to go to break here and I'm going to show everyone my little Hercules toy that I got here [walks out with her Hercules Action Sword and starts chopping in front of Lucy]. Watch I can... see that I can totally get her..

Lucy: Come on the show, come on the show.

Rosie: [thinking about the sword] You have one? Cause we could get in a fight?

Lucy: A show? Well [laughs]...

Rosie: No, a little sword fight, we could, just sign that for Lisa, is that exciting for you, is it thrilling?

Lisa: I'm very excited.

Rosie: No vacation for you. Coming up next George Jones. Lucy Lawless!!


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