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High Tide

A VERY special thank you to Barbara Pfieffer who lent me her copy of the two High Tide episodes that Lucy starred in.

These are pictures of Lucy's second appearance on High Tide. In this episode she meets Rick Springfield, who's waiting for a flight, and starving. He meets her AND her sandwich, and falls in love with both. Later in the episode his brother has been kidnapped by rascally pirates, and when he calls the Coast Guard for assistance, the pilot who takes him to save the day is none other than our Lucy.

These pictures are also from the episode "Dead in the Water".

lucyht55.jpg lucyht56.jpg lucyht57.jpg lucyht58.jpg lucyht59.jpg lucyht60.jpg lucyht61.jpg lucyht62.jpg lucyht63.jpg lucyht64.jpg lucyht65.jpg lucyht66.jpg lucyht67.jpg lucyht68.jpg lucyht69.jpg lucyht70.jpg lucyht71.jpg lucyht72.jpg lucyht73.jpg lucyht74.jpg lucyht75.jpg lucyht76.jpg lucyht77.jpg lucyht78.jpg lucyht79.jpg lucyht80.jpg

More sounds from Dead in the Water

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