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High Tide

A VERY special thank you to Barbara Pfieffer who lent me her copy of the two High Tide episodes that Lucy starred in.

These are pictures of Lucy's second appearance on High Tide. In this episode she plays Sharon List. She meets Rick Springfield, who's waiting for a flight, and starving. He meets her AND her sandwich, and falls in love with both. Later in the episode his brother has been kidnapped by rascally pirates, and when he calls the Coast Guard for assistance, the pilot who takes him to save the day is none other than our Lucy.

This episode was called "Dead in the Water", episode number 117

lucyht16.jpg lucyht17.jpg lucyht18.jpg lucyht19.jpg lucyht20.jpg lucyht21.jpg lucyht22.jpg lucyht23.jpg lucyht24.jpg lucyht25.jpg lucyht26.jpg lucyht27.jpg lucyht28.jpg lucyht29.jpg lucyht30.jpg lucyht31.jpg lucyht32.jpg lucyht33.jpg lucyht34.jpg lucyht35.jpg lucyht36.jpg lucyht37.jpg lucyht38.jpg lucyht39.jpg lucyht40.jpg lucyht41.jpg lucyht42.jpg lucyht43.jpg lucyht44.jpg lucyht45.jpg lucyht46.jpg lucyht47.jpg lucyht48.jpg lucyht49.jpg lucyht50.jpg lucyht51.jpg lucyht52.jpg lucyht53.jpg lucyht54.jpg lucyht55.jpg

Sounds from Dead in the Water

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