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Disclaimers: Xena, Gabrielle, and let's not forget Argo, are owned and battery operated by MCA/Universal/Renaissance and come with a lifetime gaurentee. This little bit of something or other, is for pure entertainment purposes only.

Read the Label~Violence? Nope. Bad naughty words? Not this time. Fun? Well..err..yeah. If you got a major problem with two women in love, I suggest you leave. If it's illegal where you live, please consider moving for your own health and sanity. If you're underage, get cha bootie outta here!! I won't be responsible for corrupting innocent minds. (Not like kids are innocent anyway these days, but that's beside the point.)

Fine Print~This story is part of a little series I'm calling "Apparitions of Love". "Vision" was the first one, but any of these can be read out of order. They are just little pieces that have a certain "theme" to them.



by Silk

copyright 1998

Let passion's flame burn me,

For the cold of lonely nights

I can no longer bear.

Let passion's flame consume me,

For my heart belongs to only one

I willingly place it there.

Let passion's flame heal me,

For there is no other cure

I know no other kiss as fair


I walk beside her down the road with Argo beside us. The dust from our footsteps leaving a kneelength cloud behind us and coating our boots. The sun, warm and bright, shines down, leaving the surrounding world energized. It is a beautiful day, but my eyes don't see the thriving forest or the beauty. Instead my eyes, my thoughts, my very being is consumed by the even lovelier dream beside me.

How long have we traveled together? Almost three years? A lifetime? Longer? Sometimes it seems so. The time we have had together precious, even though it has been filled with trial and tribulation.

I slow my steps, so that she walks slightly ahead of me. I wish to gaze upon her without her knowledge. I've learned all the tricks and I'd go to even greater lengths just to entice myself with her.

Sun or moonlight, both favor her, but I think I like her under the day's rays best, when everything about her is there for me to see, nothing hidden.

What is it about this woman that makes my blood burn? I've asked myself countless times, but with each answer there is yet another.

My eyes drift to her glossy hair. Many a time during our loving I've lain there and just fondled its length. The fine silken hairs caress my memory as if my hands were truly running through them now. The slick strands sliding between my fingers leaving a pleasant tingling behind.

Almost regretfully I turn my attention away from its luster and drift on. Her ears catch me next and I smile secretly. On her body, it is perhaps her ears that I love to play with most, knowing their sensitivity can make her chuckle or moan in pleasure with barely a nip or lick. The long curving edge of her ear teases my mouth and I swallow convulsively as my tongue absently moves in tiny strokes against my teeth. I can feel my breath on her ear in my mind, warming it, teasing it with my nearness. Her moan ripples through me, making my spine shiver in anticipation.

From her delicious lobe my eyes lower to her neck and I shudder in pleasure as I do every time. The memory of that night two years ago when Baccus came to the mortal realm and we were both bitten, becoming Baccae. So sensuous it was. So primal. Fire and ice. Pain and pleasure. I remember it so clearly and in my mind I travel that sleek neck with my lips. Light touches at first which quicken slightly the strong pulse beneath my mouth and eager tongue. Then harder kisses as I try to melt into her, the pounding of her life's blood calling me, matching the beat in my own veins.

I abruptly thrust away the apparition in annoyance. What am I doing? I can't even control my thoughts as we walk down the road together. I roll my eyes and hold back a chuckle at the absurdity of my dreaming, but like a bee drawn to a wildflower, I find I cannot look away.

Once again my eyes embrace her skin, traveling thirstily along her body. Muscles flex and tantalize under silken skin that begs for my touch. Flashbacks of a thousand kisses and caresses that I've worshipped upon her body tease me as I feel my pulse increase yet again. Surely the birdsong and gentle breeze rustling through the trees can't hide the pounding from her? Sure she can hear it as easily as Argo's hoofbeats? But no...she gives no sign and the we continue quietly on our journey.

One step in front of the other. One breathe after another. Automatically it's supposed to come to me and yet I seem to have to will myself to go on, to take a breath. To consciously lift up my foot and place it steadily before me. For just the sight of her now makes me weak and drives the air from my lungs as an offering to Aphrodite.

Never before has anyone affected me this way, and I pray that it shall forever be like this between us. Though torturous to me, I tremble within and become warm in its pleasurable discomfort. This feeling and need I have for her is a pain I will gladly accept for the rest of my days.

I try to control my breathing as I roam over her with my eyes, conquering all with just my gaze alone. Her arms which I can feel around me, holding me close as I do the same. A phantom dream and yet my skin cries out with her touch, my fingers shake as they melt into her skin. Such softness here, yet such strength also. Like a hawk, so deceptive to the eyes, you can't see the power under the beautiful feathers, unless you know what to look for. My fingers twitch in recall of running over those limbs. And I smile as my mind sees her moan in anticipation of more caresses by me.

I blink rapidly for a moment, for I can swear I see the liquid pools of her eyes melting into my own, full of arousal and need. But it is only an apparition, for she is still striding down the road beside me. My disappointment is eased slightly as I bring those orbs back from the depths of my memory, those colorful eyes that never cease to stop my heart.

Time and time again I've fallen into those bottomless depths to drown willingly. With just a long leisurely look down my own body, those eyes can bring me to the brink without even a touch from her hands.

Closing my eyes with determination I try and summon up other pictures. My home village. Friends. Memories of the past. Anything to calm myself, for I'm rapidly driving myself insane.

Can she see? Doesn't she know? I want her so badly, but there is something about her that always makes me hold back from telling her. Perhaps it's our past, our trials together. Even now we find some things hard to talk about. But always...always we stay together. And at night when the stars are out and the camp is set, we turn to each other and smile secretly. No matter the test placed between us, we surpass it. No matter what lingering pain, we know traveling and loving each other is the only life for us. Perhaps this is why I hesitate, for it is hard to believe that something so good has come to me.

I stumble slightly and open my eyes as I correct my step. Glancing over I notice my companion deep within her own thoughts and unaware of my misstep. But now my eyes are once again on her and I find I cannot pull them away. It is too late for me, the fire within refueled once again. The floodwaters threatening to burst past the dam of my soul.

So easily she does this to me and yet she seems so oblivious to it. With a silent groan I give in to my temptation and my vision focuses on her legs with joy. A wicked memory flashes in my minds eye, suddenly threatening me with weakness. I shudder, my body reacting uncontrollably. Those long muscular limbs wrapped around my waist. The sinewy strength countered by the exquisite warm silk of her skin against my own. The hot slickness against my lower stomach. No wonder I tremble.

Casually I reach up and wipe the beads of sweat from my brow. The pleasant warm day suddenly like a furnace upon my skin, heating me to the core.

Past the point where I can reign in my dreams I willingly torture myself with the aching memories of her and the sight beside me. Her flat lithe stomach quivering under my devouring lips and eager tongue, even as I feel her legs about me shaking violently as my hands stroke her wonderful thighs.

My hands are sweaty now at the thought and my eyes half-lidded in naked desire. This is too much to take! Why do I torture myself? The answer comes to me swiftly. Because I love her, and desperately want her to know it in her heart, feel it in her soul.

In my mind I slide my hands along her skin once again, my fingers splayed wide on her hips going past her lean waist to the treasures beyond. Even covered as they are in reality right now, in my fiery thoughts they are bare before me.

Phantom touches I give her. Soft mounds pliant and warm, that make my palms tingle. My breath is rapid. My face flushed. I tremble like a child. I'm surprised I'm still standing, let along walking without looking like a drunken sailor. My gaze bores into her. I am no longer sneaking looks, but staring outright, undressing her, loving her with my eyes. So much for her being observant.

All I want is to dive deep and taste her. Her sweet breath mixing with mine as our mouths merge, tongues entangling, dancing. Soft fragrant skin to taste. Her breasts heaving under my questing lips as I take her firm nipples within my hungry mouth. Her moans driving me on, feeding me, nourishing me with her need as I tease and nip at her. An even greater feast awaits me in my dream, and my mouth floods in reaction to that slick, wet, sweet flood.

I moan. I can't help it. I swear I can smell her, feel her heat warming my skin, her eyes boring into mine...her eyes...

Her eyes!

I flush deeply in realization. For this is no illusion, no dream of my mind. She stands before me, a knowing smile on her lips. How I wish those lips...NO! Best not to think about it anymore.

But she stops before me and I am given no choice but to halt or walk around. So I stop, of course, and do my best to look idly curious and raise an eyebrow.

She just chuckles softly, the sound sending a shiver through me that does nothing to ease my tension, my need. What I need is a cold bath, I decide.

She leans in close to me, her eyes gazing into mind, melting me completely with the fire that burns within. Yep...definitely a cold mountain fed bath. Right off a glacier. Anything!

"And what are you thinking about? Or do I have to ask?" She grins mischievously which makes her eyes narrow slightly. If it's at all possible, the sight raises my temperature more.

"Ummm..." My throat is raspy, unresponsive. I pull my eyes away from hers trying to compose myself. Coughing slightly as I cover my mouth, I try to will blood back into my brain. After what seems an eternity to me, but is in truth only a few heartbeats, I believe I have the words that will get me out of my predicament.

Bravely I look back up into those fiery eyes, doing my best to put the reins on my passion. Down girl! Breathe. breathe normally. Good.

"What was the question?" Oh yeah. Good answer. I guess the blood in my body has better places to be other than my brain.

Again soft laughter blows that sweet warm breath upon me and I feel my legs starting to give. Resolutely I lock my knees, but this only causes me to sway violently and I pitch forward. Straight into the arms of my temptation. My torture. My dream.

Hands on her shoulders, I can feel the glowing warmth of her in my palms and fingers. Lucky fingers. I grin idiotically.

"I guess I don't have to ask then." Her voce washes through me, lower this time. Rich and full of something...something I recognize as being primal within myself.

I shudder as she wraps those real arms around me. Without preamble she gives me what I want, as suddenly her lips meet mine.

No soft kisses to start. I am far past that at this moment, and she knows it. I groan as our mouths press together, lips parting, and tongues invading with abandon. I realize once again why I love this woman. It's not just her body, her voice, her mind. But also her soul and her need for me that I love also. We crash together, two separate forces of nature. Earth and sea. People see us and wonder, for they can't see how two very opposite people can be so completely right for each other. They don't understand that two forces that are the same are lost. No beginning and no end. Whereas two, like us, land and sea, strive against each other passionately. Yet at the same time co-existing in an equal give and take relationship. One never yielding. The other unstoppable. Sparks. Flood. Fire. Ice.

Finally we break our kiss, each of us breathless. Her hand has wandered from my back and now cups my breast with an eager caresse. My own hands have traveled from her shoulders, one entangled in her glorious tresses as the other caresses her back, pulling her closer to me, molding her into me.

I've surrendered. No longer do I hide my passion from her as we lock our gaze again. With a low growl I narrow my eyes, my nostrils faring as her scent sears into my fevered brain.

"I want you. Now!"

She kisses me again, leaving me near boneless in her embrace. What she does to me!

Again she pulls back, and this time I moan in protest.

"Actually, love." My lover smiles at me knowingly. "You've been wanting me for the past league or so."

My mouth drops open, then snaps closed again. "Tease! You knew!"

"I have many skills," she replies as we quickly make camp in the forest and she precedes to show me one or two I hadn't seen before.

It is far better than any dream.

The End



I actually wrote this by accident, having had (and still having actually) major problems with my current story "Fate's Choice". I also didn't have a Valentine offering, but I didn't mind much, but even though this is posted on 2/16/98, I consider this to be my Valentine to you all.

Amazingly enough, not much babble this time.~



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