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by Storm


This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

"You kissed me."

The warrior and the bard sat across from each other. A fire crackled in the large stone ring between them.

Xena was sharpening her sword, which annoyed Gabrielle to no end. It must have been the tenth time she sharpened it today. Any more and it would be whittled down to a limp little sliver of steel. As soon as Xena got her body back, and they were finally more Amazons, no Autolycus as soon as Gabrielle tried to come near Xena, the warrior picked up her sword and started sharpening it. That was less annoying, it had gotten pretty dull and rusty laying in that sarcophagus for so long. They weren't out of danger yet, they never really were, so that first time it made sense.

But this was getting ridiculous. Every time Gabrielle approached the warrior, she grabbed that sword. Like the mighty Warrior Princess needed it to protect herself from one rather small bard

"Did you hear me?"


"Xena! Put that damn sword down!"

The scraping noise stopped abruptly. Gabrielle stalked around the fire ring and sat on the log Xena had claimed for her own. She wanted to be able to look Xena in the eye, so she pivoted to straddle the log Xena now reluctantly shared with her. When she leaned in towards the warrior, Xena grabbed the whet stone

"I wouldn't."

Startled by the tone of Gabrielle's voice, Xena quickly dropped the stone back on her saddle bag.

"Look at me. Please."

Slowly this time, Xena pivoted, sword resting across her lap.

"Put it DOWN, Xena. I promise I won't hurt you."

Xena lay the sword down next to the stone, but the fact that she kept it within easy reach did not escape Gabrielle's attention. "Now, will you listen to me?"

Xena swallowed hard and then nodded her head. She had been avoiding this particular discussion all day. She had hoped Gabrielle would forget about what happened between them this morning, or at least not bring it up. Not like Gabrielle ever let anything drop

"You kissed me Xena."

"I know I did, Gabrielle."

"I want you to kiss me again."

Well, tell me how you really feel, Gabrielle, Xena thought wryly. Don't hold anything back...How did she get to be so...bold, so

"Xena, it was incredible. I need to feel you again " Gabrielle began leaning into the warrior, eyes closing in anticipation.

"Wait!" Xena tried to keep the panic out of her voice. The bard opened her eyes, sighing in frustration. "Umm... Gabrielle, I don't think that would be a good idea "

"Why not? You liked it, too. I could tell."

"Yeah " Xena began wistfully, but then caught herself. "I mean, what I meant to say is... Gabrielle? Maybe we should... Gabr "

Leaning forward, Gabrielle silenced Xena's protest with her lips. As soon as their lips met, all of Xena's thoughts shattered into little fragments and then fled from her mind. Gabrielle's lips were so soft, so achingly sweet, it made her dizzy. She placed her hands on the bard's hips to steady herself. Not a smart move. Moaning from the contact, Gabrielle wrapped her fingers in Xena's hair and pulled her closer. Xena's eyes flew open as she felt a tongue press against her lips, parting them... Gods-

"Stop...stop that."

"Xena, your shivering. Are you cold? Here, let me-"

"No!" Xena's hands flew up, palms outstretched to stop the voracious little bard from coming any closer. "No. I'm not cold. I'm..."

Silence. Gabrielle studied the warrior's face. Her lips worked, but nothing was coming out. Gabrielle couldn't believe it. She almost looked "Xena, are you scared?"

A nod.

"Of me?"

Lips worked again. Xena ended her effort to speak with another nod.

Gabrielle was trying hard to understand. She was trying really hard to be patient, too, but mainly she wanted to work out whatever this thing was and go back to kissing the warrior. Xena's silence wasn't helping, and Gabrielle was many things, but she was not a mind-reader.

What about me could scare someone like Xena, she wondered...

"Why, Xena?" Gabrielle reached up and placed her palm against Xena's cheek, and smiled softly as Xena turned and kissed her hand. She could feel that kiss all down the back of her legs. It distracted her for a moment, but then she realized that the warrior still had not said anything. Maybe...

"Is it it because I'm a woman?"

Xena almost laughed at the irony of it. "No Gabrielle, its not because your a woman."

Gabrielle heard something in Xena's tone that made her curious. "Have you been with women before?"


A shiver shot down Gabrielle's spine and into her groin. Very...interesting, Xena, she thought to herself. Very. Wait a minute "So you must have known this was possible the whole time? We could have been...why didn't you tell me?"

"You needed to figure it out for yourself. I didn't want to push you."

" let me marry Perdicus, knowing damn well that you were the one I loved?"

"I didn't "

"And then you had the nerve to go and DIE on me, without saying anything?"

"Gabrielle "

"What if you hadn't come back? It took you dying for me to figure it out! To realize I was in love with you "

"You're in love with me?"

"Do you have ANY idea how much that hurt?" Gabrielle was poking Xena's chest for emphasis. "Do you?"

"Gabrielle, did you just say "

"And then, it wasn't until you kissed me that I REALLY got it. By the Gods, I'm slow! How could you wait for something like that to happen before "


"WHAT!" One more poke for good measure, meant to hurt. It did, so Xena grabbed the bard's hand to stop her.

"DID YOU-" Xena stopped, realizing she was yelling too, and softened her tone. "Did you say that you're in love with me?"

"Of course I'm in love with you! I always have been. Isn't it obvious?"

"Not to me, I guess..."

It was impossible to stay angry with Xena. The look on her face at what Gabrielle told her finally sank in and her eyes were all sparkly and lit up, and she was grinning ear to ear. She looked just like a child getting her first pony. Slowly, she began to lean in towards Gabrielle, causing the girl's heart to fairly pound its way out of her chest. But then Xena stopped in mid- motion, her face darkening.

"But I still don't understand. You said you loved Perdicus?"

Gabrielle managed to still the pounding of her blood to give Xena's question some thought before answering. "I guess...I thought I did. I felt comfortable with him, and cared about him. I think I was trying to convince myself that I loved him. I didn't know that anything...anything more was possible between us. If I had known...Why didn't I know? It all seems so obvious now..."

Gabrielle sighed and then met Xena's eyes once more. "Now that I do know..." she reached up and touched the warrior's lips. She was having a lot of trouble putting her feelings into words. "Oh, Xena do you know how much I want you?"

"Show me, Gabrielle "

Gabrielle put a hand on either side of the warrior's face and wrapping her fingers in thick dark hair, she pulled Xena's lips onto her own. The kiss started soft, a little tentative, exploring, but then it deepened, tongues meeting, entwining, mouths hot together. Gabrielle groaned, and large hands circled Gabrielle's hips once more. Gabrielle let herself be pulled forward and she swung her legs over Xena's so that the whole front of her body pressed against her, breasts fitting snugly under Xena's.

Gabrielle shivered as Xena pulled away to breathe. Her own breathing had become quite ragged and she saw that Xena struggled, too, her chest rising and falling against the tight leather bodice. Gabrielle kissed Xena there, smoothing her lips and tongue over as much of Xena as she could reach, and pushed her hands beneath Xena's breasts, to get more of her from under the leather and into her mouth. Gasping, Xena covered the bard's hands with her own, holding them tight against her, watching intently as the younger woman buried her head deeper into Xena's cleavage. Freeing her hands from beneath the warrior's, she pulled down the leather shoulder straps and tugged down on the bodice, frustrated when her efforts did not yield the prize she sought.

Before Gabrielle knew what was happening, Xena had swept the girl up in her arms and stood. She carried her over to their bedrolls, trying to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other while Gabrielle placed little bites down her neck and shoulders. Anxious to lavish similar attentions on the little bard, Xena quickly lay Gabrielle down on the blankets.

Bending over, she made quick work of removing Gabrielle's top. Then lifting Gabrielle's hips, she slid off her skirt as well, setting it aside. Xena's breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight of a completely naked Gabrielle, skin glowing in the light of the fire. Gabrielle's hands traveled up and down the muscles of Xena's arms, and her eyes burned, raw desire lit her face. "Take this off," Gabrielle ordered, her voice tight, tugging at Xena's leather bodice. "Ineed to see you..." Xena complied, untying the lacing before pulling it over her head. The cotton tunic went next and then Xena, too was entirely naked as she kneeled next to the bard.

"Oh, Xena. You are so beautiful..." The wonder the bard felt reflected in her voice and in her eyes, making Xena feel suddenly shy. Gabrielle smiled up at her, feeling calmer than her warrior appeared. What was making her so nervous?

"You have done this before," Gabrielle offered, trying to help Xena feel more at ease. "Never with you, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle reached up to cup Xena's face. Xena folded a hand over the bard's, and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Gabrielle, if we do this, if we...make love, I need to know that its not just for tonight. I need you to know what this means to me... Once I let myself love you like this, I won't be able to stop."

"You won't have to. You won't be able to get rid of me," Gabrielle told the warrior, smiling. Then the smile left her face as she added, "I want to marry you, Xena. With all that's happened-Perdicus, Callisto, you dying... I ..." Gabrielle's voice cracked. She was trying hard to get the words past the lump in her throat. "When you were gone, it hurt so much. It was then that I knew we were meant to be together. When it was too late. I thought I had lost my chance " Gabrielle couldn't talk anymore. The tears she fought back took up all the room in her throat.

"You don't have to say anymore," Xena told her, using the back of her fingers to wipe away the few tears that managed to escape. "I understand, Gabrielle."

"Say my name again, Xena."


"Yeah, like that. Just the sound makes me shiver. How could I have missed that?"


Xena bent down to kiss the girl's cheek, her eyelids, forehead, all over her face, while repeating her name again and again. Reaching up, Gabrielle used her hands on the back of Xena's neck to guide the searching lips to her mouth, kissing the warrior fiercely, trying to put all the love she felt into the kiss.

Xena was falling. She needed to feel more of Gabrielle. Using her hand to spread Gabrielle's legs, she made a space for herself to lay on top, delighting at how easy the soft thighs parted for her. Slowly she lay her weight onto Gabrielle, sighing at the incredible softness of the woman beneath her. She was surprised to feel how wet Gabrielle was already, the warmth of her pressing against Xena's stomach. She shivered in anticipation of the pleasure yet to come an image seared through her mind of Gabrielle on fire, writhing beneath her, sweating, clutching

Xena's shoulders, screaming her release Xena groaned, cupping Gabrielle's breasts firmly with her hands.

Nipples instantly erect, Xena brushed them with her thumbs, forcing a gasp from Gabrielle, forcing the tips to come up big and hard. Xena dropped her head and sucked a nipple into her mouth, rolling it with lips and tongue. The feel of it caused little twitches in her groin and she moaned into Gabrielle's breast.

Gabrielle's head flew back into the blankets at the exquisite sensations Xena's mouth was pulling from her. Her hands fluttered around Xena's head until they came to rest, curled in Xena's hair. Her hips jerked in rhythm with Xena's mouth, her sex pressing up against the warrior's strong belly. She had no control over those tremors, just as she had none over the little noises escaping from the back of her throat. It was as though Xena had taken control of her body, making her move, making her feel things she had never felt before. Never imagined feeling.

With her mouth still caressing Gabrielle's breasts Xena felt the noises Gabrielle made go right through her. She reached up to touch the girl's lips with her fingers, as though to catch the sound with her hand, her head jerking up as Gabrielle took a finger into her mouth. Watching intently, Xena groaned, and licked her own lips in an unconscious mimicking gesture. Eyes closing, Gabrielle held Xena's hand in place and began sucking her finger, the rhythm matching the curling in her groin.

Xena was tingling all down her arms and across her breasts from the feel of her fingers inside Gabrielle. Gently, carefully, she pushed into the girl's mouth, fingertips gliding along her tongue, the insides of her cheek, exploring the soft welcoming flesh. When Gabrielle squeezed her hips with her hand, trying to push Xena's body down firmer against the ache in her core, Xena had to fight back release. She wanted to stay focused on Gabrielle, and the effort made her break out into a sweat. Managing to free her fingers from the bard's mouth, she smoothed the wetness along Gabrielle's breast, the cold air forcing the nipple erect once more. Xena ducked her head and took it into her mouth.

"Gods...Xena!" Gabrielle cried, arching her back to push more of herself into Xena's mouth. Gabrielle was certain her breasts were on fire. She wrapped her legs around the warrior's hips, desperately striving for more contact. The bard dug blunt nails into Xena's shoulders, her grip almost painful, her breathing increasingly labored. Not long now, Xena thought wildly, not sure if she was thinking of herself or Gabrielle. Gabrielle was pleading now, and finally Xena let her hand travel down the girl's body and between her legs. As she slipped two fingers inside, Gabrielle's hips stopped their frantic rocking, letting herself just melt under Xena's touch.

Xena stroked softly at her swollen center, sighing at the soft textures against her fingers. She heard a faint whisper:


Xena looked down at Gabrielle's face. What she saw there made her heart hurt there was such wonder and tenderness in those green eyes. Gabrielle's body opened wider, while inner muscles clenched against her hand. Her lips unfolded like a flower under Xena's touch, fingertips gently caressing aching fullness. Gabrielle took Xena's face in her hands, the wonder in her eyes at the sensations caused by the warrior's touch growing into surprise. She soundlessly whispered Xena's name once more. Xena bent down to nibble Gabrielle's bottom lip, kiss the sweat on her forehead and fluttering eyelids. Then she felt Gabrielle's grip on her face tighten and she looked up once more to see the desire breaking across her face. Gabrielle drew in a deep breath, her whole body taut. Xena heard her name again, this time surrounded by a long, loud, almost pained cry:


All the muscles in Gabrielle's body gave out at the same time, and she collapsed back onto the blankets, pulling her warrior tightly to herself. Burying her face in Xena's neck, she could hear her blood racing as her breath worked to catch up with her body. And as Xena held the young woman tightly to herself, she pressed her lips against the top of Gabrielle's head, joyful and amazed at the raw intensity of her passion.

After a few moments, Gabrielle unburied her face and looked up at Xena, who was smiling down at the bard.


"Gods, Gabrielle, you are loud!"

Gabrielle turned beet red and started to turn her face away, but Xena used her hand to pull the bard back. "Its wonderful. I love it "

Gabrielle smiled up at Xena: "Well, its your fault. I can't help it. It's how you touch me. I've never " Gabrielle turned away, embarrassed once more. Thinking about Perdicas. Thinking about stupid choices...

" didn't go well with him?" Xena asked softly. They both knew they spoke of Gabrielle's previous wedding night.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you," Gabrielle whispered.

Xena gave the bard a shakey half-smile. "I guess I can stop being jealous now."

"Yeah you sure can." Gabrielle turned over until she sat on top of the warrior, legs straddling her hips. "Its my turn now "

"Oh no its not. I've barely started with you."

A shiver ran up the inside of Gabrielle's thighs at the unrestrained passion roughening the warrior's voice. It took her a second to regain her focus, but she did just in time to push Xena's shoulders back down. "You are going to have to wait, my warrior princess. I have waited long enough to touch you "

"I'm not stopping you," Xena told her as she reached up to cup firm breasts. The warrior's touch was making her crazy again, threatening to render the bard incapable of doing anything but respond. Gabrielle quickly covered Xena's questing fingers with her hand. "Yes, you are. I can't even think when you do that. Stop it. I need..." Gabrielle's voice trailed off as she blushed again.

"What is it Gabrielle? What do you need?" Xena asked earnestly, trying to hold the bard's gaze.

Gabrielle looked away, looking instead at the body beneath her: Wide, strong shoulders, muscles beautifully sculpted; long torso, heavy full breasts with dark nipples that made Gabrielle's mouth water. She ran her fingers down the warrior's side, stopping at the wide flair of hips to rest her hand in the indentation between hip bone and the soft mound of crisp dark curls. The beauty of Xena was almost overwhelming, and now Gabrielle understood that she had needed to touch her like this since the beginning, but now that she had been finally given this amazing privilege she felt frozen.

"I need," Gabrielle started, remembering that Xena had asked her a question an eternity ago. "I need to touch you, Xena. I've wanted it for so long, and not been able to, that I don't... I don't know how to start." Gabrielle's voice was an intense whisper and she wondered if anything she had just said made any sense to the warrior. She was not used to being stuck when expressing herself. She tried again.

"I" She finally said, simply.

Xena's eyes were so soft, the mixture of desire and compassion she felt for the little bard so powerful reaching up she cupped the side of Gabrielle's face with a large hand, and told her just the thing the bard needed to hear to break the paralysis that gripped her:

"You have me. Take me. I'm yours Gabrielle..."

Gabrielle, her heart a pounding lump in her throat, bent down to kiss her warrior. She first kissed the tip of her collarbone where it crossed her shoulder, and then traced a path with lips and tongue to the pulse in Xena's throat. She could hear Xena's sharp intake of breath, releasing as a moan when Gabrielle caressed the aching tip of her breast, stroking, pulling and twisting gently while she sucked a line up her throat.

"Yes, Gabrielle..." she whispered, pulling the bard's free hand to her other breast while she nibbled along the line of Xena's jaw. A slightly harder squeeze on an already swollen nipple caused the warrior's mouth to open in a moan, and Gabrielle took the opportunity to trace Xena's open lips with her tongue. Freeing one hand she scooted up a little to brace her elbow next to Xena's face, her hand holding the warrior's forehead, all giving her better access to her incredible mouth. Her tongue dipped and swirled, entwined with Xena's, kissing her deeply. When she broke the kiss they were both breathing hard, and Gabrielle gave Xena a soft, sensual smile.

"Gods but you taste good," Gabrielle breathed into Xena's ear while flicking her lips and tongue against her earlobe. "I'm going to taste you everywhere," she promised, smiling at the shudder her whispered words caused in the body pressed beneath hers. She slid down and began teasing a nipple with her tongue, stroking tight circles around it before pressing down on it with a hard flick. Xena breathed in sharply and held it until Gabrielle sucked the whole nipple into her mouth, and then Xena groaned loud.

Xena dimly felt Gabrielle smile against her breast but she was distracted by the delicious sensations the bard was pulling from her, and by the constant moans. It took a minute to realize that she was moaning as well. That it was not just the enthusiastic bard who was wreaking havoc across her senses making all this noise. In between moans Gabrielle was making soft exclamations of pleasure while she lavished wet attentions on each breast. The sight of Gabrielle's eager feasting was beginning to have a profound effect on Xena, causing her pulse to race, and causing twitching shivers between her legs. Feeling the warm wetness pooling there, she knew she didn't have much time and she wanted to feel Gabrielle deep inside her, taking her while she came.

"Gabrielle " Xena panted, and she took a willing hand and pressed it between her legs. "unhhh...sweet gods!" Xena cried at the feel of fingers curling inside her. Gabrielle, managing to tear herself away from the warrior's incredible breasts, raised up at the feeling of Xena's tight wet center enfolding her, with a look of awe on her face. Xena was rocking her hips against Gabrielle's hand and Gabrielle watched the passion playing across Xena's face in rapt fascination.

"Harder...please...yes!" Xena cried as Gabrielle was more than happy to oblige, pushing her fingers deeper into the warrior. "Yes!" Xena cried over and over, her head swinging back and forth, and when her hair fell over her face, obscuring it from Gabrielle's view, the bard used her free hand to pull it from where strands became tangled in Xena's mouth and sweep it back off her forehead. "So magnificent," Gabrielle muttered under her breath, enthralled by the power of the warrior's impending release.

And suddenly Xena rose up, clasping Gabrielle's face in her hands while her legs wrapped tightly around the bard's waist, and she came with violent, shattering convulsions, screaming her release into the sky. Gabrielle laid her full weight across Xena's body to ground the warrior, and to feel the last of the powerful shutters against herself. Some minutes passed and when Xena was no longer gasping in air, Gabrielle framed Xena's face in her hands and looked into her eyes.

"Gods, Xena you are loud!"

The End.

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