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Xena's Perfect Life?

by Kimmie

She wanted her passed to be switched,
The sword she never picked up she wished.
Her life was granted a radical change,
He mother dead in Lyceous place.

She was engaged to a compromising soul,
Who followed warlords rules and goals.
Her brother with his will to fight,
Wanted a slave girl to have her rights.

She thought all she had to do,
Was free Gabrielle from slavery.
Her friend hardened by life,
Killed Mesentious with a sword.

She stared in disbelief,
Her eyes filling with tears.
Her best friend had changed beliefs,
To revenge in those eleven years.

She said farewell to her "perfect" life,
To deal with pain and strife.
Her friend by her side, pure and perfect,
The life Xena changed for "The Greater Good."

They continue traveling together forever,
Helping people out of distress.
"Don't fight your destiny" she remembers,
Accept it, embrace it, face it.

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