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Missing: Have You Seen Me?

A Hercules-Xena Crossover with Surprise Guests from Previous Episodes ... Depending on Whether or Not You Choose the Path that Will Lead to a "Happy Ending" ...

by Allison

©1997 Allison. All works remain the © copyright of the original author. These may not be republished without the author's consent.

A Note from the Author

This story is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story (CYOAS). For those who haven't read one before, here's an explanation:

Each chapter ends with a statement something like "If you want Xena to attack Callisto's army, go to chapter 4. If you want Xena to sneak around the army, go to chapter 5." You can choose the path of the story by clicking on the appropriate chapter number, mixing and matching different chapters and endings. Let me warn you: some endings are very surprising. There are about 50 familiar Herc/Xena characters in this story, depending on which path you choose.

Directly under each chapter title is a line something like "Herc Soundtrack 3, or Xena Soundtrack 4." This is for those of you who have the Hercules and/or Xena soundtracks. If you choose to listen to your Hercules soundtrack, "Hercules Soundtrack 3" means the 3rd track on that CD. Same goes for the Xena soundtrack. The music goes with the chapter. A lot of people have told me this really increases the mood of the chapter.

Thanks for reading this! Email back all comments! Don't be too harsh, though!

Legal Disclaimer

Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, and all other characters appearing in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

Violence Warning/Disclaimer

This story depicts scenes of violence and/or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other than this story.


#1 of XCYOAS has been dedicated to:

Cynthia, and all other cancer kids. Thanks for reading my story.



Chapter 1: Not a Good Start

(Herc Soundtrack 10, or Xena Soundtrack 2)

It had been a long time since Xena had seen Hercules. Xena was planning on looking for Hercules to travel with to the Fates' temple, exactly between Poteidaia and Amphipolis. While she was at it, Xena hoped she could work up the courage to go home.

Gabrielle had been acting strange lately, not her usual hyper, talkative self; but a quiet, depressed Gabrielle. Xena had figured it was about Perdicus. Ever since the day Velasca went into the lava along with Callisto, Perdicus' murderer, Gabby had been acting very weird. Almost like nothing really mattered in life anymore.

"I don't understand why we have to meet up with Hercules anyway," Gabrielle complained.

Xena took a deep breath, prepared for the worst. "I told you, I haven't seen Iolaus and Hercules since I was at Serena's funeral. I'd like to meet up with them on better terms."

Gabrielle opened her mouth as if to say something, but frowned instead.

They traveled as far as the nearest peninsula and planned to get settled into an inn for the night.

"I'll buy us drinks, you buy us a room," Xena said, handing Gabrielle a pouch of dinars to go pay for the room in advance. Gabrielle took the money and walked off without saying a word.

"Maybe seeing Iolaus and Hercules will cheer her up," Xena thought out loud as she paid the innkeeper for a mug of port and another of water. She woke up out of her daydreaming when she heard "a Gabrielle grunt".

Xena looked across the room and saw Gabrielle kicking a dirty looking man out of her way and onto the dirt ground. The man stood up, looked around innocently, and ran away.

Xena sighed. Any other day, she would have run up to Gabrielle and pulled her aside. But then again, any other day, Gabrielle would not just pick a fight.

If you want Gabrielle and Xena to get into an argument, go to chapter 2

If you want Gabrielle and Xena to go to bed now, go to chapter 3

Chapter 2: Not Happy Campers

(Herc Soundtrack 15, or Xena Soundtrack 26)

Xena casually walked over to Gabrielle.

"What was that all about?" Xena asked quietly.

"He got in my way!" Gabrielle screamed defensively. At this point, all thirty or so people at the inn were staring at the two.

"Let's try not to draw attention, okay?" Xena said, trying to keep calm.

"A little too late for that, huh?"

"Gabrielle, why don't we get to bed?" Xena tried to change the subject through clenched teeth.

"No! You go! I'm going to take a walk!"

"What? This is a bad neighborhood!" Xena's voice grew louder.

"Oh, so now you're going to be my mother?!"

"Gabrielle, I --"

By the time Xena had her mouth ready for her defense statement, Gabrielle had left the inn.

Xena frowned. This wasn't how the trip was supposed to begin.

If you want Xena to go off to look for Gabrielle, go to chapter 4

If you want Xena to go to bed and wait for Gabby in the room, go to chapter 5

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 3: Xena? Calm?

(Herc Soundtrack 24, or Xena Soundtrack 9)

Xena gave Gabrielle a Look, and walked around the corner to her room.

Xena opened the door. Set down her armor and weapons, and got into bed.

A few minutes later, Xena heard Gabrielle come in the room, set her staff down, or rather, drop it, and then get into a bed opposite across the tiny room.

Xena shut her eyes, not willing to bring up anything now.

The next morning, when Xena woke up, she noticed Gabrielle had already left. Her staff was gone, and the bed was made. That was very unusual.

Xena got out of bed and stretched. She was not in the mood for this.

About ten minutes later, Xena had packed everything on Argo and headed out into the woods where she figured Gabrielle had gone.

After a few hours of searching within the two miles of dense forest, caves, and scattered homes, Gabrielle had left no trace of being anywhere there. When Xena knocked on the door of the last home, the girl who answered the door looked about eleven years old.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but is your mother or father home? I'd like to speak to them," Xena said, distracted.

"No. I only have a mother," the little girl answered. "She ran off about an hour ago after some lady."

"What did she look like?" Xena asked quickly.

"Who? My mother?"

"No, the woman being chased," Xena was already impatient.

"She was tall, skinny, and very blond. She looked like you, sort of, with all of the armor."

"Why did she chase this woman?"

"My mother heard a girl cry for help, and when she came out, she saw a girl with a staff get grabbed by a blond lady on a horse. My mother grabbed her bow and arrow and left," the young girl brushed a strand of her short, dark blond hair out of her eyes.

"Doesn't your mother know that that could be dangerous?" Xena interrogated.

"She knows what she's doing," the girl said matter-of-factly.

Xena pursed her lips.

If you want Xena to wait for the mother to come home, go to chapter 6

If you want Xena to ride off and follow the tracks, go to chapter 7

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 4: The Search

(Herc Soundtrack 23, or Xena Soundtrack 23)

When Xena went to the stable to get her horse, she noticed that a few things were missing from the saddlebag. Gabrielle's soup starter and Xena's breast dagger were the first two Xena noticed were gone.

I hope she doesn't try anything stupid. Xena thought.

Xena grabbed Argo's saddlehorn, leapt onto the horse and trotted out of the stable.

By the time Xena had gotten to a fork in the road, the wind had picked up and a mist was coming from the low clouds.

Rain and wind. I guess I have the gods to thank for those two, Xena thought.

Xena knew it was hopeless. There were three choices. Go left, where it was densely wooded and dark; take a right into a light, less dense forest; or head back to the inn, in hopes that Gabrielle really meant what she said: That she was going to go for a walk.

Xena decided Gabrielle was more likely to take the lighter path. It was more "Gabrielle like". Then again, Gabby had not been herself lately.

Traveling on the path for about an hour without a trace of any human being convinced Xena that she chose the wrong path. That gave her an idea. A wrong path. She had been through that road before, and understood the anger and frustration. She could go to the Fates and ask for help.

That's when she heard a sound.


Someone was hiding in the bush behind Argo. Xena took out her sword.

If you want Xena to go directly to the Fates without checking the sound, go to chapter 8

If you want Xena to speak to the person in hiding, go to chapter 9

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 5: An Apparition?

(Herc Soundtrack 30, or Xena Soundtrack 8)

Xena walked around the corner to her room. She did not expect Gabrielle to come back anytime soon. She decided to let her fight her own battles; so to speak.

When Xena took off her weapons and set them on the tiny, modest table beside the window, she saw a familiar looking man across the dirt path opposite the inn. Out of habit, Xena picked up her chakrum.

At that moment, Xena recognized the man. It was Petracles. For some reason, Petracles felt someone watching him. Their eyes met. Xena raised her chakrum. She didn't trust this man, even if he was dead -- especially with Gabrielle missing.

Xena will go after Petracles; go to chapter 10

{Author's Note: Sorry -- no choice for this one -- it leads directly into a choice chapter, though.}

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 6: Waiting Patiently

(Herc Soundtrack 5, or Xena Soundtrack 18)

"When will she be home?" Xena asked after an hour of waiting at the young girl's home.

"Soon, I think. Mother's never gone for too long, because she's afraid our father will come back," the girl replied, distracted. There was something vaguely familiar about this girl.

"What's wrong with that?" Xena asked.

"He always comes home drunk, and tries to steal money we have been saving so that we can buy a horse and wagon to move far away some day," the girl sounded as if she were making up the story as she went along.

"Why do you want to --" Xena stopped. "I know you ..."

The girl looked confused.

"You are the girl that almost got killed with that log! I stepped in front of that thing -- why didn't you come back?" Xena stood, wide-eyed.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" she said as her eyes darted back and forth, avoiding eye contact with Xena.

"You were the only one who could save me! Your mother, M'Lila, taught you medicine! She once saved my life ..." Xena's voice trailed off, stunned by what was happening.

The girls' eyes looked downward. "I'm sorry. I was scared."

"Then M'Lila is alive?" Xena asked hoping for a miracle.

"To this day, I don't know where my real mother went. She just left one day to go to the coast to meet a friend of hers' at the dock. A kid at my school told me that she was probably captured by slave traders, and a ruthless murderer named Xena was their leader."

Xena grew pale. The girl continued:

"I still don't know what he meant. I was only seven years old then, now I'm fourteen. I am staying with my aunt, but she says to tell everyone that she's my mother," the girl seemed confused about the remark Xena made about her mother being alive. Sensing this, Xena felt it was right to give her the answer. Not the one the girl was looking for, but it was the truth.

"I know where your mother is, but you won't like it," Xena said slowly, still not believing that the girl was fourteen, and not eleven.

"Where? Is she alive?" now that the girl had a sad, hopeful look in her eyes showed that she looked more like seven or eight years old.

"No. She died saving me from an arrow ... the soldiers of Julius Caesar were looking for me ... she jumped in front," Xena said carefully.

The girl started to sob. "I expected that. I expected that she was dead," she said. Then she looked up. "It's your fault," she said quietly. "Your fault! Your name is Xena. It's your fault!"

"No!" Xena said, backing away. "No ...."

"If you wouldn't have kidnapped her, she would still be alive! It's your fault!"

"It's not my fault! She was a stowaway! It was her choice whether or not to save me!" Xena's words comforted Xena more than they comforted the girl.

Suddenly, the door burst open, and in the shadows, Xena couldn't make out the face of the tall, muscular person, who was obviously a man from the way he was standing.

If you want Xena to "conk" him on the back of his neck with the end of her sword, go to chapter 11

If you want Xena to pull out her sword but not to make a move to fight, go to chapter 12

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 7: Look Who's Here

(Herc Soundtrack 21, or Xena Soundtrack 29)

As Xena rode off back into the woods out of the clearing, she thought hard about what she would do when she came upon her greatest enemy.

She heard a scream. All too familiar.


"No, no, no, my pretty!" Callisto said as the two horses approached each other galloping.

They drew out their swords and made a hard swing at each other as their horses ran parallel. Callisto slashed Xena's arm.

"Well, this looks familiar. Deja vu? Let me remember how it ended ... let's see, your friend had a chance to kill me right after ... oh, I remember! I killed her husband!" Callisto recalled sarcastically. "Are you coming back for more?"

"Callisto, how did you escape that lava?" Xena ignored her question.

"You forget ... I'm a goddess! I haven't decided of what yet, maybe destruction, or how's this for my motto ... 'You want your enemy's friend's husband dead? Pay homage to me.'... Ha! I like it, don't you, Xena?" Callisto's eyes got that psycho look in them.

"It's hard to believe that Gabrielle ever thought that you could be capable of sadness. Now I just believe you've wandered somewhere where you don't belong," Xena said quietly, remembering her best friend.

"That's where you're wrong, Xena! That's where you're wrong! I am here because I belong here. Why else would I be a goddess?"

"If you're a goddess, then you know everything, right?"

"Of course."

"Then where is Gabrielle?"

"I can't tell you that."

"Why not?"

"If I did, you might break your promise."

"And what promise was that?"

"That you would never become a monster if something ever happened to her."

Xena's eyes went wide as she lunged at Callisto.

"Yes ... it's amazing what a girl will tell you in order for you to promise to bring someone she loves to her," Callisto continued, dodging Xena's blade.

"What did you do to her?" Xena screamed, not recognizing her own voice.

"I promised her that she could have Perdicus back, as long as she tells me everything about you, and if she helped me out of that lava."

"Obviously, you followed through," Xena stopped, stunned and catching every word Callisto was saying. "You sent her to the Underworld."

Callisto laughed mercilessly. "You're so smart!"

If you want Xena to continue fighting Callisto, go to chapter 13

If you want Xena to ask Callisto to send her to the underworld, go to chapter 14

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 8: The Exchange

(Herc Soundtrack 29, or Xena Soundtrack 19)

Xena rode off on Argo as fast as she could, not looking back at the bushes. Too worried to stall.

Within a matter of minutes, Xena was at the Fates' temple doors. She entered the foyer and set her weapons on the marble table, not knowing if it was safe.

Xena stepped in the main room and lit the few candles that had wax left.

Xena stood before the huge stone monument dedicated to the Fates, and said:

"I call upon the three fates. The maiden, the mother, and the crone."

With a flash of bright white and blue lights, three women stood before her. Each dressed in a solid-colored gown, they stood working -- weaving, measuring, and cutting the threads of life. This was their job.

"Xena," said the eldest. "Haven't we seen you recently?"

"Yes. But I've come to beg for a favor," Xena said apologetically.

"What is it?" Asked the youngest fate, amused.

"I'm worried about my friend, Gabrielle."

"The one who made you change your path the time we gave you your old life back?" asked the mother.

"Yes, well, sort of; it was one of the factors," Xena said, distracted. "She hasn't acted like herself since her husband, Perdicus, was murdered by Callisto."

"Oh, Callisto ... she cut many threads," murmured the crone.

"I want Gabrielle to have her life back. And I want to find her -- she said she was going for a walk, but there's no trace of her anywhere.

"In order for us to give your friend and her life back, you must give up your most prized possession."

"What? Anything."

"Your ability to fight."

Xena's eyes went wide. She nodded slowly.

"Do you want to do this?" the youngest asked slowly.

"Yes," Xena responded.

"You're sure?" a voice echoed in the distance.

Xena's eyes narrowed. "Ares, you can't decide for me!"

"Oh?" Ares appeared in front of Xena, blocking her view of the Fates.

"Yes, Fates, take it away. I'll do anything to get Gabrielle's life back," Xena said quickly, without thinking.

"No! Stop!" Ares held up one hand. "Forget it -- I have a better deal. Xena, rule the world by my side, and still have your talent to fight, and I'll find Gabrielle and make her a warrior, too. In fact, I can even make it so that she's such a good fighter, that she can defend herself and hurt someone, but not kill anyone -- I know how picky you are about that."

Xena frowned. It was so tempting ... for her to keep her ability and find Gabrielle, as opposed to getting rid of her ability and finding Gabrielle ... Xena didn't know if she was thinking selfishly or not.

If you want Xena to agree with the Fates' terms, go to chapter 15

If you want Xena to agree with Ares' terms, go to chapter 16

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 9: The Find

(Herc Soundtrack 12, or Xena Soundtrack 13)

Xena drew out her sword and moved Argo towards the side of a tree.

"Come out and show your face," Xena said confidently.

"Why? Worried you wouldn't be able to tell me by my voice?" responded a voice that sounded a lot like someone she knew.

Iolaus popped up.

"Iolaus!" Xena exclaimed.

"Hey!" Iolaus and Xena exchanged hugs as they laughed.

"I never thought I'd scare you!" Iolaus said. "Where's Gabrielle?"

Xena got a sad look on her face. "I don't know. Ever since Callisto killed Perdicus, each day Gabrielle has gotten more and more ... sad, drawn back ... I don't know. Now, she's 'gone for a walk', but I have no idea where she is," Xena continued and told him the whole story.

It was Iolaus' turn to frown. "I wish I could help, but I'm supposed to meet Hercules at the Temple of the Fates."

"I was going there, too!"

"Really? Well, then let's travel there together and I'll tell you an amazing story."

"All right, I miss having those already."

"Don't worry, we'll find her," Iolaus gave Xena a reassuring hug. Xena got on her horse and Iolaus walked alongside. After a while, Iolaus got tired of walking.

"How about I get the horse for a while?" Iolaus smirked as Argo neighed, as if approving the statement.

"All right," Xena rolled her eyes. The tension diminished.

As they traveled down river, Iolaus explained why Hercules and he were going to the temple.

"So, anyway, Hercules is determined to find out what is going on by going to the Fates. He's really upset," Iolaus finished.

"I would be, too, if my mother couldn't be found. Do you think that Gabrielle and Hercules' mother could be in the same place?" Xena asked.

"I don't know. I would think not. Gabrielle told you that she was leaving. Alcmene just disappeared."

"Yeah ... but what if Ares is at work? I mean, he does have something against Hercules and me. Maybe he's thinking if he can get to our families, that would make us give in, like a payback -" Xena stopped dead in her tracks.

"What? Thieves?" Iolaus drew out his sword and looked around cautiously.

"No. I just thought of something .... It could be Callisto," Xena said slowly.

"Who? Is that that the one who said she was you, but was really out to get you?"

"Yes. She vowed to make me watch all my loved ones die. She came close to burning Gabrielle at a pyre, and almost burning my mother in a cave with oil. She even came close to killing my horse," Xena patted Argo's nose while reflecting on what happened.

"Well, then we'll just have to find this Callisto and put her out of her misery," Iolaus proclaimed.

"I wish it were that easy."

"What do you mean?"

"She's a goddess now. She ate ambrosia."

"What?" Iolaus smacking his forehead in frustration.

"That's why I was going to the Fates -- to see if they can find Gabrielle for me. I don't plan on risking everyone's life by getting violent."

Just then, they realized that they had went the wrong way.

"We missed that turn about a half a mile back," Iolaus said. "I'll scout ahead and make sure no one was following us," he said, turning the horse around.

"I'll set up camp," Xena said, distracted.

After finding a quail, cooking, eating it, and setting up the beds, Iolaus and Xena said goodnight. Xena stayed up because she couldn't go to sleep. Suddenly, she heard someone come down the dirt path directly behind them. The place where they had set up camp was fairly secluded, but it was possible, if one was looking, to see Xena and Iolaus.

Xena nudged Iolaus with a stick. He jolted awake. Not remembering who he was with, he gasped in surprise, then calmed back down.

"Fear not! It is I, Joxer the Mighty!" a voice cried out from the dirt path.

"Oh, no," Xena rolled her eyes as Iolaus shook his head.

"Xena!" Joxer shrieked happily when he saw who it was. "Iolaus!"

"Joxer," Xena said, without much enthusiasm as Joxer appeared from the dirt road. "What brings you to these parts? It's where Callisto died, you know," Xena said, trying to scare him off.

"Exactly! That is why am traveling to the Fates' temple, to see what I am destined to do, which is probably to destroy more armies," Joxer raised his chin. "Where's Gabby?"

"What, are we having a party or something?" Iolaus murmured.

"Well?" Joxer prodded.

"I don't know. We were going to go the Fates' temple, too," Xena paused. "Joxer, I don't think it would be a good idea for you to go with us."

"Of course it will!" Joxer insisted.

"Joxer ..." Xena said in warning tone of voice.

"Well, how am I supposed to help if I can't go?"

"Easy -- you just won't help."

"But --"

"Joxer, we've had this discussion once before. You have a good heart, but this isn't your business. We'll let you know if we need you."

"But --"

"Joxer ..."

If you want Xena to let Joxer come along, go to chapter 17

If you want Xena to insist that there is no way Joxer is coming along, go to chapter 18

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 10: Petracles

(Herc Soundtrack continue 30, or Xena Soundtrack 16)

Xena picked up a satchel and ran out of the room. She planned to get a little of information out of him.

"Petracles!" she shouted.

Petracles took one look at the fierce women running towards him and jumped. Pulling out his sword, he said something Xena did not want to hear.

"You know that I am dead. You are the only one who can see me right now. Don't make a fool out of yourself and fight a figure of your imagination," he chose his words carefully.

"Petracles. You know that I believe you're a good man, and for the reason I believe so, you died. I appreciate what you did, but Gabrielle is missing all of a sudden ... and then you show up ..." Xena babbled on for the first time in a long time. "... I don't know what to think," she finished, putting her sword away.

"I know what happened. Do you remember Atyminius?" Petracles asked, convinced Xena wasn't going to try anything stupid.

"Of course. He's the one who would murder brides before their wedding day. Marcus and I took care of him once and for all ..." she slowed down when she reached Marcus' name.

"Well, there is someone out there like him. She's a fierce demon, who would destroy the world if the gods hadn't taken away some of her godly powers. She acts a lot like you ... I mean, when you were, you know ..." Petracles' voice trailed off. "I was given one day to find you. Hades needs your help in the Underworld."

"I'm going after her."

"What? You don't even know her."

"Yes. I do."

"What? You have never met an enemy this powerful. She isn't your ordinary warlord, Xena. She probably didn't even start off as one."

"She didn't."

"How would you know?"

"From her perspective, I made her."

If you want Xena to ignore Petracles' warning and goes off to look for Gabrielle, go to chapter 19

If you want Xena to go searching for the "demon-like god" in the Underworld, go to chapter 20

If you want to start the story over again, go back to the beginning

Chapter 11: The Mistake

(Herc Soundtrack 8, or Xena Soundtrack 8 and then 5)

Xena moved in a swift motion, slamming her sword handle against the back of the man's neck. The man collapsed, and rolled a few feet away. It was enough to get in the light, and with that, Xena saw his face.

"Oh, no," she whispered. "I'm so sorry, Hercules," her voice cracked.

She dragged him to the bad and hoisted him up.

"What did you say his name was?" the girl came up behind Xena.

"A friend of mine; Hercules," she answered sadly, finding it hard to breathe.

"Did you kill him?"

"No! I mean, I don't think so. I hope not ..."

"You kill my mother, and then you try to kill the son of a god? Are you stupid?" the girl asked cruelly.

Instead of answering, Xena sighed and turned around to face Hercules, tears welling up in her eyes.

The girl ran out of the room.

A few hours later, Hercules opened his eyes.

"Thanks for the welcome," he said sarcastically when he saw Xena napping in a nearby chair.

She opened her eyes slowly as she heard the voice.

"Hercules!" Xena cried, relieved that nothing had happened to him -- not severely, at least, from what she could see.

"What was that all about?" he asked, still lying down. He hadn't moved his head, arms, or legs.

"I'm ... sorry ... I ..." Xena stuttered. She took a deep breath. "Gabrielle is missing. I didn't know who you are, and I just now met the child of a woman who once saved my life and died doing so ... I was ..."

"Distracted?" Hercules finished her sentence for her.

"Yeah," Xena managed a tight-lip smile. "I'm sorry ... so sorry."

"Why are you so upset? I didn't appreciate it, but you had a reason, and you didn't do it on purpose because you knew it was me, right?" Hercules said.

"I know, but with all that's going on, you don't realize what you have until you realize that it's leaving you."

"Xena ... we decided that this wasn't meant to be ..." Hercules shook his head.

"I know ... I meant as ... as a friend ..."


There was a long silence.

Two days passed, a Xena felt guilty about two things: Not looking for Gabrielle and wanting to leave, eager to start her search.

"How are you feeling? I hit you pretty hard, no one I have done that to has survived that kind of a blow. I didn't hit hard enough, though, right?" Xena asked.

"Ouch," Hercules answered, trying to sit up.

"Let me help," Xena said, putting her arm around his shoulders.

It was then when Hercules realized that he could not feel his right leg.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sensing that something wasn't right.

"Nothing ... I just feel like going to sleep a while longer."

Xena narrowed her eyes.

"Get up," she commanded.

"Excuse me?" Hercules started to get worried.

"Get up. Something's wrong, and you won't tell me what, so I'll have to see for myself. Get up."

Hercules sat up slowly and painfully.

As he was about to swing his legs around one side of the bed, he stopped.

"Xena, what are possible injuries that that blow could have caused?"

"Why?" Xena asked slowly.

"Don't answer my question with a question."

"It's possible for one or both of the legs to become paralyzed, and reflexes slowed," she answered. "Get up."

Hercules managed to swing both legs around, with Xena scrutinizing each move made.

"Stand up," she demanded.

Hercules stared at her, and then rose to his feet. He put all of his weight on his left leg.

Xena picked up her sword. She handed Hercules his.

"Parry," she said. Hercules knew what this meant -- they would stand still and see which person let an opening by for the sword to go. In this practice, it was common for armies to rehearse this move and wear protection or just barley tip the person's clothing.

Hercules began, and for about fifteen seconds, the slow match was even. Then Hercules noticed he was slowing down.

After Xena had won the third round, she dropped the sword and walked out of the room, looking for the girl.

"What do you want?" the girl asked as Xena stepped into the kitchen.

"Find me a messenger and bring him here. Hurry," Xena answered briskly. "Where is your aunt?" she returned a question.

"She hasn't come home yet," the girl got nervous.

Too weary of her own problems, Xena ignored the girl's attitude and strided out of the room.

"Hercules?" Xena stepped into the room again where Hercules had sat down on the bed.

"I have sent for a messenger. He will come with a wagon, and they will take you to a doctor. He will also send out a notice to Iolaus. I'm so sorry, Hercules -- I've paralyzed you and slowed your reflexes down," Xena looked at the ground.

Knowing that the ordinary, "that's okay" get on with life deal wouldn't cut it, Hercules didn't answer immediately.

"How did you know about my leg?" he asked.

"Your body was leaning towards one side."

"Xena, I don't want this wagon to come and get me. I'm not helpless."

"I know that," she started, "and I know a wonderful doctor named Nicklio who will help your leg. Repairing your reflexes will be more difficult, though, but he can do it. This man helped heal both of my broken legs a long time ago," Xena's mind started to wander.

Hercules looked away from Xena, not knowing what to say.

They were both stunned. They had no idea what to say. Xena felt guilty and felt like it was all going by in a flash.

Then she made a decision.

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Chapter 12: A Surprise Guest

(Herc Soundtrack 2, or Xena Soundtrack 24)

"Show your face," Xena said in a wry tone of voice.

"That voice is nice to hear. Not the tone of it, though," Hercules stepped out of the shadows.

"Hercules!" Xena ran up and hugged him. "It's been so long since we've seen each other on good terms ... I mean, well, you know." Xena didn't want to get too in depth about Serena.

"Yeah," Hercules answered quickly.

"You're Hercules?" the girl asked from behind Xena.

Hercules sighed. He was sick of that question. Where was Salmoneus when you needed him?

"Who's your friend?" Hercules asked.

"I came here just recently because Gabrielle is missing and I wanted to see if she passed here," Xena said, frowning. "What is your name?" she asked the girl. The girl didn't answer.

"What? When did this happen?" Hercules asked, concerned about Gabrielle.

"Very recently. I have no idea where she went."

"I'm going out to get well water. If my aunt gets back, tell her where I am," the girl brought Hercules and Xena back to reality.

"Why? Will it take you long?" Hercules asked.

"A couple of hours. The nearest well is three miles away," the girl answered. "I'm used to it."

"So, how do you plan to find Gabrielle?" Hercules asked.

"I don't know. But if anyone has hurt her, or even laid a finger on her, I swear I'll -"

"Xena, I thought that's what you told Gabrielle not to be," Hercules raised his eyebrows.

"That was for her not to become what I became. It looks like it was no use. Like I said, if anyone has made her situation worse, I'll --"

"Xena, don't fight unless you have a reason to fight."

"Hercules, you know me better than that. So don't talk if you don't have anything to say," Xena walked out of the house, and as she approached Argo, Hercules ran out, following her.

"Xena! What is going on? You already have yelled at me and you haven't even told me what happened to Gabrielle, talking about the situation," Hercules said, frustrated.

Xena sighed and shook her head.

"I'm sorry. I just have this awful feeling, like she's ..." Xena closed her eyes tight as she turned her back to Hercules. "It feels like losing Lyceus all over again," she finished.

"Where do you go from here?" Hercules asked quietly.

"As soon as the girl gets back, I'll thank her for use of her home, then go to the Fates' temple," Xena said, recovering herself from the burst of emotions.

"I was supposed to meet Iolaus there, I had to ask the Fates a favor. Looks like they'll be having a workout, huh?" Hercules tried to cheer Xena up.

She didn't even crack a smile.

"They have my mother," Hercules explained.

Xena gasped. "How do you know?"

"I know for a fact that Ares has her. It's enough torture as it is -- Serena, and now this," he sighed sadly. "Do they ever give up?" he shouted at the sky.

"Do you want to come with me?" Xena asked.

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Chapter 13: The Weapon

(Herc Soundtrack 7 and then 10, or Xena Soundtrack continue 29 and then 24)

"Callisto, what you did was not fair to Gabrielle. Take it out on me, not her, not innocent villagers --" Xena said as she dodged Callisto's flip.

"Oh, Xena! Don't give me ideas!" Callisto screamed and kicked Xena in the chest.

Xena fell back and stopped the fall with her hands.

"Yipyipyipyip!" Xena threw herself towards a tree and propelled herself backwards, hitting Callisto in the back of her head.

"Xena, haven't you noticed? I absorb your hits immediately -- I'm a goddess!" Callisto laughed like a child.

Callisto flipped onto Xena's horse and shrieked as Argo threw her off.

"Oh! I should have killed you while I had the chance," Callisto complained as she drew a dagger from her belt and looked at Argo.

"Yiyiyiyiyi!" Xena yelped as she flipped onto Argo and rode away as she heard Callisto behind her: "Xena! Only I can get Gabrielle back! Ask the other gods -- they don't know!"

Xena shook it off. As soon as she came to a cave, she turned Argo into it.

Argo backed away, neighing.

"What is it?" Xena asked quietly. She jumped off Argo, tied her to a tree, and walked in the cave, chakrum in hand.

"Hephy! Come on! We have to go see your friend!" a female voice echoed.

"No! I don't want to leave this cave!" a deep voice shot back.

"We just went out yesterday! You and I both know that it was Ares who made fun of you! Would you just forget it? He's worthless!"

"Stop it! You don't get it! You have never had my problem, being compared to others, made fun of --"

"Yes! I do! My son married the woman I was constantly compared to!"

There was silence.

"Fine. I'll go out to get fruit on my own," the female voice spoke up.

Xena turned around to get out of the cave, but she was too late.

A beautiful woman with blond hair and a long, revealing gown came into view.

"Hephy! That lady is here again! Will you just give her the scrap metal?" the woman asked.

"Atalanta is here? Okay, okay, tell her to come in, Aphrodite," the man sighed.

"Uhhh ... I'm sorry, I was just checking to see if a friend of mine was here, I'm not Atalanta," Xena said. "My name is Xena."

"Oh!" Aphrodite drew out the word. "You're Hercules' friend! He always talks about ya!"

"Uh ... yeah," Xena said.

"Is it Atalanta or not?" asked the man as he stepped into view.

He was muscular, tall, and had dark brown hair. He was sweating, and had what looked like scars all over his face.

"Xena, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Thanks for the welcome, Hephaestus," Xena grinned.

"Please don't say you came back to see if I could make more weapons for your army, because I've thought it over, and I just don't think it's right --" Hephaestus began.

"Don't worry, I'm not here for that," Xena assured him.

"Yeah, Hephy -- see how much you have missed by secluding yourself in this cave! It's been, like, two years since Xena was kicked out of her army," Aphrodite explained as Xena winced, remembering the torture she went through. "Now the sweet pea fights for the good side," Aphrodite finished.

"Oh," Hephaestus gave Aphrodite and Xena a blank look.

"So, what are you here for? We are really busy, and --" Aphrodite said to Xena.

"No -- I'm not here for anything, I was looking for my friend and Hercules. I just randomly checked this cave. We were supposed to go somewhere together, but I can't find them," Xena said.

"Oh, he went to the Fates' temple. He wanted to ask where his mother is, she's missing," Aphrodite said as she leaned against Hephaestus.

"What? Alcmene is missing? Since when?" Xena asked, surprised.

"Since about two days ago. I told him not to worry, but you know how he gets. Maybe your friend and his mom are together somewhere if they are in trouble."

"No, Gabrielle told me she was going for a walk."

"Oh, that friend," Aphrodite rolled her eyes. Xena ignored it.

"If you find Hercules, ask him to ask his brother, Ares, when he wanted to pick up the thorns, because I'm tired of delivering," Hephaestus spoke up.

"What thorns?" Xena asked.

"He wanted me to made a silver handle so his thorn branch could act like a swinging weapon. I don't like the idea at all. Rumor is, the thorns can kill a god if they have the Golden Hind's blond on them. I can't tell if there's blood on them or not."

"Let me take a look," Xena started to walk towards the dark end of the cave.

"No! Wait!" Hephaestus got nervous. "I'm not supposed to let anyone take a look at this weapon."

"Don't worry, I won't tell," Xena looked at him convincingly.

"Well ... all right, but don't touch anything!" he agreed.

As Xena stepped in the room lighted only with the fire from the forge, she stopped.

It was amazing. There were weapons of all kinds spread throughout the room. On the ceiling of the cave were chakrum replicas.

"You aren't planning on giving those to just anyone -- right?" she asked Hephaestus slowly.

"No, they are mine, I won't ever give them up. The only reason you got that one was because of your convincing ways," Hephaestus said, referring to the chakrum on her belt.

"You really believed that story about it being the only thing that would let my army win the Battle at Corinth?" she asked sincerely.

"No ... but I was a softy back then. Not anymore. I'm tired of being shoved around, always making special weapons for the gods when they want it, how they want it, I'm tired of it!" Hephaestus repeated.

"That's not true! Sweet cheeks, you're still soft," Aphrodite stepped in.

"Then why don't you show them how much they need you by quitting that part of your job, and selling weapons?" Xena asked Hephaestus.

"They're too powerful! I wouldn't trust any mortal with anything in this room -- not even a sword, let alone this thorn weapon. Where did he get the thorns, anyway?" Hephaestus thought out loud.

Xena eyed the weapon.

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