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by Dan and Pat Werden

Hey, Xenites! Thanks for looking at the fan fiction! If you want to read my story, it's about a troubled child with a powerful crystal and the will to conquer Greece! Xena must intervene to thwart his plans, or he will become all powerful! Read about the story I have named... Darkside

The scene starts with Xena walking through the forest, jesting with Gabrelle.

XENA: Well, this is unusual! We haven't gotten ourselves in a fight yet!

GABRELLE: What happened to the thugs and thieves?

Suddenly, ten winged demons, led by Callisto, come from the sky, landing on the ground, in the stance of pouncing at Xena and Gabby.

XENA: Callisto!

CALLISTO: In the flesh! Give me your sword, or I shall have your head!

XENA: Your threats never scared me, and never will, Callisto!

GABRELLE: And what's with the demons?! You scared to fight alone or something?!

JOXER: Hey, guys, I finally caught up with you! Oh... um.... caught you at a bad time, huh?

As Joxer turns around to run, a demon jumps and lands on him.


CALLISTO: Give me your sword, Xena, or the pansy dies!

GABRELLE: That's a loss?

Xena elbows Gabrelle in the ribs.

XENA: Okay, Callisto, you got me. But why do you want my sword?

CALLISTO: That's for you to find out when it's too late!

XENA: In that case, I'm NOT giving you my sword!

CALLISTO (to demons): We obviously didn't threaten Xena. Take him to the master!

A demon flys off with Joxer.

CALLISTO: Prepare to die, wench!

As the battle starts, Xena pulls out her sword and, to her amazement, the demons look threatened. Gabrelle grabs her stick. While Xena slashes and hacks demons to bits, Gabrelle seems to have no effect against the hordes.


Xena flips back and cuts the demon in half like a knife through water. Xena and Gabrelle are both equally amazed beyond belief.

GABRELLE: Xena, I knew you were good, but that's impossible!

CALLISTO: Curse that damnable sword! It destroys nearly everything it touches!

Xena throws her chakram. It ricochets off Callisto's body, barely noticing she was even attacked.

CALLISTO: Hahahahahahaha!

XENA: Let's see if this rolls off!

Xena throws her sword. It rips right through Callisto. As Callisto falls, she turns into a demon herself, and fades away. The demons retreat.

XENA (as she picks up her sword): That was strange. My blade is as dull as Joxer's intellegence, yet it killed Callisto easily. And look, Gabrelle (Hands the sword to Gabby).

GABRELLE: No blood!? What does it mean?

Out of nowhere, Joxer falls into a big smelly pile of horse maneure

JOXER: I fought them off so they would drop me.

GABRELLE: Yeah right! ( In a sarcastic kind of voice)

XENA: Did you hear their plans?

JOXER: I'll tell you if I get to come along.

XENA: Just tell me!

JOXER: Okay, okay! Calm down! I heard them say they wanted your sword for their master.

XENA: Who's their "master"? Callisto?

JOXER: No! They said something like "Darkside".

XENA: Darkside? Never heard of the guy!

JOXER: I have, though. In fact, I know where he usually is. You can get him by going to the Daven caves.

XENA: Then let's go and see what his problem is!

As we last heard of our female duo, they were heading for the Daven caves (oh, yeah, Joxer (?) was there too).

XENA: Ah, there's the caves. You better not be lying, Joxer.

JOXER: Xena! You surprise me! Why would I lie to you?

XENA: Let's see: To discredit me, improve your image....

JOXER: Okay, okay! You don't have to believe me. But I swear by Aries I'm telling the truth.

As they all enter, Gabrelle steps carelessly on a switch on the ground.

GABRELLE: Huh? What was.....


Xena is too late with her warning to Gabby. In an instant, they are trapped by a net from above. To their surprise, Joxer fades through the net.

XENA: What in the name of Zeus...

JOXER: You fell for the trap! My master shall be very pleased!

Joxer then forms into one of the demons. Instantly, a dozen more appear.

DEMON JOXER (yelling): I found them, master!

A small, teenage boy of about 6 feet appears out of nowhere, accompanied by Aries.

XENA: Aries! Let go of the boy! He has nothing to do with this!

ARIES: On the contrary, Xena. He's my "business partner".

DARKSIDE: Yes. Xena, I'm the "master" you are searching for. I have no real name, but go along with the alias of Darkside. I need your sword. It is... important to me.

GABRELLE: What makes you think she'll even consiter your threat?! You're just a kid!

DARKSIDE: Oh, you pitiful humans. All you see is the surface, the skin. I admit, in this form, I am mearly a child. But, if you could see my inner being, you would find me as something more!

At that same instant, Gabby writhes in pain from an energy bolt from a crystal in Darkside's hand.

GABRELLE: Please.... Xena..... make the pain..... stop...... hurts to much to bear.

Darkside stops his assault immediently after hearing her beg.

XENA: If you're so high and mighty, why are you trying to kill an innocent girl?!

ARIES: That crystal gives him immense power. It allows him to create demons that can take on human form. The crystal in his hand is one of the two things that can even harm them.

DARKSIDE: Ah, yes, truer words have never been spoken. But let me finish this fine story.

Darkside continues as Xena uses her sword to at least try to cut the net.

DARKSIDE: But, unfortunately, this crystal is only a shard compared to the full crystal. I have one half, and your sword is the melted-down second half.

GABRELLE (Turning towards Xena): That's how you could kill the demons so easily!

XENA: What about Callisto? She wasn't a demon, was she?

ARIES: When you killed her, she turned into a demon herself, didn't she? You see, that wasn't Callisto at all. That was a demon taking on her shape, Just like "Joxer" over there has the real one's pathetic form.

DARKSIDE: Aries and I have teamed against you for one reason: to get the other half of the crystal. With the other half, I shall wipe out the gods, and make new ones in their place. I shall lead them, and Aries shall become my Second-in-command.

ARIES: I'll be nearly all-powerful then.

just then, Xena cuts through the rope. She starts hacking the demons left and right. Aries and Darkside idly watch on the sidelines.

DARKSIDE: I'm impressed. She has such drive to kill my demons thoughtlessly.

ARIES: Maybe you should stop playing a fair game with her and just take the sword.

DARKSIDE: No.... I have a better idea.

Darkside raises his arm. A beam of light flashes out. After Xena can see again, she finds all the demons, including "Joxer", made into fine red chunks.

DARKSIDE: I offer a proposal. We shall fight each other with our will power. I trust you understand how to unlock your sword's power?

XENA: What are you talking about?

GABRELLE: I know what he's talking about. Xena, I've never told you, but... I'm a demi-god.


GABRELLE: I'm apart of a new race of beings. I've been training myself how to unlock your sword's potential. Let me verse Darkside.

Xena hands Gabrelle her sword, hugging her and saying prayers.

DARKSIDE: That is the part of humanity I dislike. Love and trust make a being weak.

GABRELLE: I'm going to destroy your crystal, Darkside.

DARKSIDE: I highly doubt that, child.

The battle starts. A glow of searing white light fills the caverns. An instant later, it stops. All that can be seen is Gabrelle holding both the sword and crystal, with Darkside's charred husk lying on the ground.

ARIES: I have no part in this anymore. My plans are gone along with Darkside.

Aries winks away. Gabrelle looks at Xena, and starts another white glow. For what seemed like an eternity, the glow continued. When it stops, the sword appears to be of a bluish tint.

GABRELLE: This sword is yours now, Xena. It shall keep you young and vital as long as it is yours. I ask of but one favor of you.

XENA: Name it, kiddo.

GABRELLE: Travel with me, help me accqire more knowledge, till time comes to an end.

XENA: Consiter it done. C'mon, lets go.

Suddenly, they hear a whine.

JOXER: Hey, guys! It's me, the real Joxer! I'm in a cell, covered by a rock! GET ME OUT!

Xena and Gabrelle just chuckle as they walk out.

The End

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Author: Dan Werden
co-author: Pat Werden

©1996 Werden Authoring

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